Hill’s Kitchen: Delicious Practicality

Few things in Park City excite like practicality. By that I mean an actual, useful things—in this instance a restaurant or sorts—that can be enjoyed by regular people without requiring a sudden financial windfall or the favor of a well-connected conciergerie. Hill’s Kitchen is in this sense thoroughly exciting.

The walk-in establishment has a 25-seat daytime café serving breakfast and lunch that’s ready in a snap and is also home to a catering facility for up to 500 people along with a full pastry kitchen. So, without ceremony, longtime locals or short-term visitors can grab something to eat that’s every bit as good as the finest dining Park City has to offer or organize a custom spread for a rustic, DIY destination wedding at the Dirt Church atop Empire Pass. That’s a legitimately diverse array of services under one roof.

Dishes from Hill's Kitchen
Dishes from Hill’s Kitchen (Photo by Carla Boecklin)

Father-son duo Brooks and David Kirchheimer opened Hill’s Kitchen in Kimball Junction this spring, just down the street from another Salt Lake magazine favorite restaurant they’d previously founded, Hearth and Hill. One of their primary goals with Hill’s Kitchen was to provide a showcase for pastry chef Jessie Rae Nakoneczny, who each day prepares somewhere between a dozen and 20 pastries in full view of diners thanks to an open open-concept design. Think of it like watching an artist paint or listening to live music. The end product is better when you see everything that went into it.  

I don’t have a particularly large number of events requiring large-scale catering these days, but I get hungry several times a day and enjoy a good pastry, so I’ve been to Hill’s Kitchen on several occasions. If it’s early and I just need a quick bite before work, the raspberry cream cheese Danish is a terrific option. If I need a little more fuel for a big day on the trails, the breakfast burrito with chorizo verde is the pick. Regardless, I’m grabbing a large coffee from local roasters Publik for a kickstart.

Pastry from Hill's Kitchen
Pastry from Hill’s Kitchen (Photo by Carla Boecklin)

If I’m feeling decadent for lunch, the meat stromboli or Italian grinder are on point, but the lighter side can be tasty too with a grain bowl of farro, quinoa, black beans, shaved beet, red pepper and plumb dressing. The food may be ready fast, but the menu certainly isn’t full of half-baked dishes.

Whether you just need a quick pastry hit or are looking to feed 499 of your closest friends with incredible, locally sourced fare, give Hill’s Kitchen a try. It’s convenient, it’s affordable, and most importantly, it’s completely delicious. What more could you want?

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1153 Center Drive, Park City

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