Fans Speculate About Hive Music Festival Cancellation

Less than three weeks before its scheduled start date, the music festival the Hive, which has been a prominent event in Salt Lake for the past three years, announced the cancellation of its highly anticipated 2023 show. 

Usually, when a festival gets called off, there’s a reason behind it, especially if it happens less than three weeks before it was supposed to start. However, the Hive’s organizers have left us in the dark, with their only statement so far being: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hive Music Festival will no longer take place this year.” As a result, folks have been left to speculate on their own, leading to some pretty spot on conspiracy theories. 

Potential Reasons For Cancellation, as Told By Disgruntled TicketHolders

One of the major theories circulating is the “low ticket sales” theory, which is relatively mild compared to the others, but still very plausible. The previous festival stirred up quite the controversy and left attendees disappointed with numerous cancellations. After all, who would want to attend a festival where more than half of the performers back out?

Another theory, and personally, the one I find most believable, suggests that one of the festival’s main headlines backed out. This could either be Post Malone, Kid Kudi, or even both. Having one out of the two biggest artists cancel their appearances would undoubtedly have a severe impact on the festival. However my bet is on Post Malone and let me tell you why in the next theory.

There’s a widespread belief that there may have been something shady behind the scenes between Post Malone and the organizers of the Hive, as well as Salt Lake. Post Malone has shown a deep connection to Salt Lake, sticking up residency and  even going as far as renovating a Canes restaurant in Murray. However, when he recently unveiled the tour dates for his new album, surprisingly, Salt Lake wasn’t on it. The sudden cancellation of the Hive, combined with Post Malone excluding Salt Lake from his tour, seems too suspicious to be mere coincidence.

In the end, the true cause behind the festival’s cancellation may forever remain a mystery. The organizers have left us with no other option but to indulge in wild speculation. As the time passes, it’s likely that the theories surrounding the Hive will spiral out of control. One thing is certain though: if the festival manages to survive such a scandal and continues next year, I will certainly not be purchasing a ticket. 

Other Events in Salt Lake

Despite the cancellation of the Hive and Kilby’s departure, there are still multiple events going on this summer in Salt Lake. Pride is coming up on June 1-4, as well as other festivals including, Utah Blues Festival, SLC Busker Fest, Brewstillery and the Utah Arts Festival. Read more about these events as well as others here!

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Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty is an intern for Salt Lake magazine. She is currently enrolled at the University of Utah and is studying English. In her free time she enjoys skiing, reading, and traveling.

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