Holiday Wisdom: Stay balanced and express gratitude for a better holiday.

Plenty, a Park City-based retreat center, offers a holistic approach to health, rooted in the belief that to create a world with plenty for everyone, we need engaged communities full of healthy and happy people. Co-leaders Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck offer Holiday Wellness Tips and advice to help you with unlocking light and love this holiday and winter season.

1. What are the essentials for staying healthy this time of year?

The essentials for us are the same as they are all year long: connection. Connection to source, connection to nature, connection to one’s body, connection to one another and most importantly, connection to ourselves.

2. Do you have any tools for keeping a family balanced through an activity-packed season?

Overall, saying “no” is the best tool. For many of us people- pleasers, that one word is harder than ever to say. Saying “no” to others and “yes” to ourselves is what this time of year calls for.

3. Any strategies for remaining focused at work during the holidays?

We don’t. We close down our offices and give ourselves and our team two weeks off to rest and replenish. If you don’t have that option, be deliberate with taking time off to make it meaningful and fun.

4. What are ways to stay connected with community during the holidays?

This is a time when we all turn towards one another to celebrate the magic of the season. Spending time with others who care about the same thing you do is an easy way to elevate your spirit. We love moonlit hikes, skiing to the yurt, tubing, and sledding down Iron Mountain.

5. How can we maintain the spirit of giving within the frenzy of consumer spending?

More and more, we find ourselves gravitating to gifts of experience and sentiment rather than things. Reach out to a friend or loved one with a hand-written note, make a friend an unexpected meal, do some service for a new organization or make that phone call to that person who has been in your heart and on your mind.

written by: Vanessa Conabee   photo by: Adam Finkle

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