How To: Spend a Day at The Grand Spa

Spas can be intimidating. I know it, you know it, I bet Kim Kardashian knows it even if she wouldn’t admit it. Before working this article, I’d never actually set foot in a full-service spa, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I may or may not have gotten locked out of my locker mid-change.

Luckily, I was able to touch base with Tony Fountain, the director of The Grand Spa at The Grand America Hotel, and he unlocked it for me and gave me the rundown on exactly how to enjoy a day at one of the best spas in SLC!

For a Quick Visit:

If you only have time for a quick stop, the spa has tons of amenities to enjoy: hot tub, dry sauna, refreshment lounges, and 17-head experience shower. Yes, you read that number right.

For a couple-hour experience, Tony Fountain recommends trying at least one treatment. “Luckily, we have such a broad spectrum of services from massage to facials to hair & nails!” An excellent quickie for the dry winter weather, he suggests their Sugar Body Polish (a gentle exfoliation + hydration treatment, as opposed to aggressive salt scrubs) or any of their massages. On my visit, I tried out the brand-new Custom CBD massage, and it was heaven. 

My massage therapist, Cyndi, started by asking about my lifestyle and problem areas, as well as my level of comfort with massage pressure/temperature. After feeding me a passionfruit-flavored CBD detox shot, she prepared the table: more like a bed, with those super soft Grand America sheets and heating pads to keep me toasty. The treatment started with a CBD elixir (an Icy-Hot-like oil) on my most tense areas, which Cyndi followed up with the classic Vasayo CBD oil on my back, limbs and scalp.

I’ve had tense shoulders my whole life. Over a decade of violin lessons plus far too much school anxiety can lead to some serious knots. I’ve only had two massages previously, but neither of those really made a huge difference in the long run. My knots and tension were back within a couple days. But this deep-absorbing treatment, plus Cyndi’s magic hands, was a miracle. I’m writing this almost a week post-massage, and my neck is still knot-free. According to Tony, this is because a) Cyndi is the master and b) the CBD product they use utilizes a liposomal delivery system, with the smallest possible CBD molecules, in order to let the benefits sink as far into your skin and muscles as possible.

For a Spa Day:

If you have a bit more time to kill, the spa has a full-service salon, so after a dip in the pool, gym or a sauna session, you can stop in to fix your hair or get a mani-pedi. As for the rest of the day, the Spa also recently added two new items to the menu: the Sleep Ritual Massage and the HydraFacial, both perfect for hotel guests.

“The Sleep Ritual massage is a full lifestyle-shift,” says Tony. “It’s a combination of music, the actual massage, plus full-size therapy lotions and products for you to take home and utilize alongside before-bed exercises to help get your sleep back on track.” Many of the hotel’s guests are frequent travelers on wild schedules; for them, this treatment is a no brainer!

Hydrafacial sounds a bit scary (and probably looks scary, because it is done with a large, acid-delivering machine), but Tony reassures, it’s very mild. “The HydraFacial is essentially a peel, but comparatively a pretty mild one that requires no downtime. You could get the facial then go to a cocktail party glowing, with no redness or inflammation.” Tony says that arguably the best/worst part is seeing all of the gunk that the HydraFacial machine pulls out of your face. “It’s absolutely disgusting, but also a little rewarding!”

If you’re needing a little Utah-centric r&r, you can browse their spa menu here! They also sell their signature products in the spa shop at The Grand. Go treat yo-self!

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