A New Generation Embraces the Iconic Airstream

What comes to mind when you hear the words road trip? I think of wide open roads, cross-continental journeys across the classic American landscape in a silver Twinkie. Yes, I mean the classic Airstream trailer. My parents own a 1980s-era Airstream. It gleams under the summer sun, shimmers under refreshing rain and coasts up and down roads that wind North, South, East and West across America.

The Airstream was created by Wally Byam in 1931, who actually worked for an airplane company as an engineer. (“Flying down the road,” brings a whole new image now, right?)

“Some people might roll their eyes at the idea of a millennial and their love of retro/vintage, but because of them, Airstream and old model inspired modes of transportation are popular again,” says Airstream of Utah owner Dennis Decker. “The vintage look and quality of the Airstream is very unique. It’s a classic.”

Decker knows from years of being on the road getting to know nature and learning about the country with his wife and young children. “My fondest feelings of the open road and the great outdoors is how it brought my family together,” says Decker. “We continue to enjoy travel and feel it is one of the most important pursuits in life.”

Decker was looking to retire from the tech field and remembering his love of the Airstream trailer set out to purchase one. He discovered there wasn’t an Airstream dealer in all of Utah. So he called up the corporate offices in Ohio and was granted the license to be Utah’s exclusive dealer. In its first year, Airstream of Utah became one of the top 20 dealers in the nation. As the business grew, Decker soon recruited his three sons, two daughters-in-law, a close family friend, and an experienced team of Airstream certified technicians to open Airstream of Utah dealership in February of 2017.

“It has been a great experience working with my family and friends and also selling trailers I personally love,” Decker says. “Airstream trailers are more than just a recreational vehicle, they are symbol of America’s beauty and the promise of future adventures

Hipsters, lovers of all things retro and nostalgic, get a bad rap. But in this case, they’re making sense. Rather than buying a standard RV trailer every 5-7 years, these “youngsters” are buying smart knowing the Airstream can last up to 50 years. Historically Airstreams were popular with an elderly demographic, but statistics show that the demographic for first time RV buyers is getting younger and younger each year. “We’ve sold Airstream trailers to millennials who are purchasing them as a home to live in,” says Decker.

Technology, access and growth of cities means travelers are no longer limited by a few hundred miles. “People not only love the great outdoors and want to explore, they really enjoy the luxuries that are available to them,” says DeckerThe Airstream may have a cool vintage vibe, but as technology improves the company has incorporated many new features such like Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports. There are also luxury features such as electric awnings, radiant heat, heated shower floors and towel bars, as well as, fully integrated control panels that monitor and control all aspects of the unit from one location.

Explore the world of classic travel at Airstream of Utah, 2651 S. 600 West, SLC, 801-890-4363, airstreamofutah.com.



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