Influential Women in Business: Julie Johnson, Jennifer Barber & Sara Turner

With constant events, like a revolving door of weddings, happening throughout Utah at any given time, it’s a wonder there wasn’t anything like Alpha Lit in Salt Lake City 18 months ago. “Utah has all these event venues and creative people. I thought it would be perfect here,” says Julie Johnson, who, seeing the possible demand, seized the opportunity and brought the first Alpha Lit to Salt Lake City. 

The company rents out three-foot tall illuminated letters, symbols and numbers to create bright, unforgettable displays, and it’s given Johnson an opportunity she’s never had before: to quit her day job and become her own boss. “Having the ability to own my own business and make my own schedule is something I always wanted to do. That was a path that I wanted to pursue,” she says. Now she co-owns Alpha Lit locations in L.A. and Jackson Hole as well as Salt Lake City. 

Johnson even uses the Alpha Lit for her events in her personal life. For her fiance’s birthday, she teamed up with Jennifer Barber and Sara Turner of Pop! Park City to create a display around her fiance’s gift: a brand new motorcycle. “It was legendary,” says Johnson, gushing over Pop! Park City’s elaborate balloon displays.

Mother-daughter duo Turner and Barber of Pop! Park City strives to create the “premiere bespoke balloon experience,” including hand-lettered balloons, balloon installations and event rentals. For them, it’s all about elevating their clients’ special events. Like Turner and Barber, Johnson is grateful to be able to celebrate with their customers, even in a small way. “A daughter reached out for us to spell out ‘cancer free,’’’ says Johnson, describing one of their most memorable events. “We set it up on her mom’s lawn as she came back from her last cancer treatment. It was one of the most special things we’ve ever been apart of. We became part of their family for a night.”

“We have such happy products,” Johnson says. “It should be a breeze and a joy. It’s supposed to be a celebration for you or somebody you love. So we try to make it as joyful as possible from start to finish.”

Alpha-Lit SLC
(435) 757-2605
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Pop! Park City
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Instagram: @popparkcity

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