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In starting our conversation, Gina DiSera mentioned that she had just returned from her morning bike ride up City Creek Canyon. That high energy has served her in following what she does naturally. Past retail work experience managing the Women’s Designer Department and Men’s Sportswear at Nordstroms and 30 plus years of personal training, led DiSera to notice the strong link between bodies, fashion and fitness. She developed a talent to help clients look and feel their best in every way. DiSera’s work continued by opening her own fashion retail space, bella Forte, and what stood out above all else was the satisfaction she got from helping others one-on-one. Years of moving her clients both to their ultimate physical goals and their best fashion selves has created two careers that Gina says, “really are one and the same.”

Gina DiSera

As a personal stylist, DiSera takes the time to get to know you, your unique body challenges and preferences. Her years of working with different bodies, has created a keen sense of innately knowing the perfect “style and cut” that would best flatter each individual.

For men, measurements are taken and items are ordered and customized as needed. For example, “A male client might call and say that he needs a pink shirt,” DiSera explains, “and knowing his measurements and business style, I can select exactly what he needs.” Offering a quick and streamlined approach to one’s personal shopping needs, DiSera’s seasonal Women’s Trunk Shows, from the brands Carlisle and ETCetera, allow attendees to select from over 400 current apparel choices and accessories, order their size and easily exchange or return if needed.

What is your Color? Inspired by one of her favorite books, “What Color is Your Parachute,” DiSera’s advice is to examine the things that are fun for you, and choose to do something that you love. “Not even considering the money part,” she explains, and “just following what you have always loved and been good at.”

What Suits You Customized Men’s Clothing from J.Hilburn—after being measured men can select from a number of high-end Italian fabrics, add a preferred cuff, pleat, double-breasted or any lapel style. She offers a full line of men’s custom clothing from beautiful suits to custom dress-down clothing like chinos, golf attire and 5-pocket jeans.

One Woman, Two Careers “I have always had two careers, and always will, because to me, they are really one career, one life thrust—and that is by helping men and women look and feel amazing!”

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