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Creating an experience where people feel their best and look their best is what we all want,” explains Janie Ward, owner of the Form Med Spa in Cottonwood, City Creek, and Mountain View Village. “We accomplish this task by combining the top treatments with the best providers to create natural results that enhance the individual’s natural beauty.”

Form Med Spa
City Creek
50 S. Main St. Suite 130C

Cottonwood Heights
6322 S. 3000 East Suite 170

4531 W Partridgehill Lane
Suite F105


Form Med Spa was co-founded with her husband, P. Daniel Ward MD, MS, FACS an internationally known facial plastic surgeon. The two have led an incredible life starting when they married before college and raised four children as he completed his training at the University of Michigan before becoming a faculty member at the University of Utah.

Janie took a leading role in opening the business three years ago. “I always loved the idea of creating a business and I realized the benefits of combining a plastics practice with a spa environment. Having partnerships with doctors and surgeons who have completed residencies and fellowships in core plastic surgery specialties brings a unique expertise to the spa. It is not always easy, but working to improve systems and processes that fulfill our mission is inspiring.“

Janie used her business mindset along with the plastics and chemistry expertise of her husband to create a skin care line, FormRX. As Janie shares, “The doctors love FormRX ‘Filler in a Bottle’ because of the science—it contains hyaluronic acid in its high-grade potency with copper peptides, which magnifies its skin-plumping and hydrating benefits. I love it because it only takes a few drops to see fantastic results!”

Top 15 Med Spa worldwide Sought out by international esthetics companies for partnerships, Form Med Spa trains other doctors in injections, laser use and treatments. Most recently it was recognized by Candela, the largest, most trusted name in lasers, which announced Form Med Spa as a Center of Excellence—being one of only 15 spas around the world to earn this distinction.

What is PRP? PRP is an abbreviation which stands for platelet-rich plasma, which comes from your own blood. PRP was initially used to restore and promote healing from sports injuries; for a skin procedure it can be used either before or after a treatment, such as microneedling or lasers or on its own to create a magical glow and reduce downtime by one-third.

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