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Put away all that you’ve ever thought or considered when it comes to conventional tile—no, these aren’t those practical and monochrome tiles in bathrooms of yesteryear. Today, unprecedented materials and even 3D technology are taking tile design and interior architecture by storm. Well—way beyond anything grandma ever dreamed of anyway.

Inside Out Architecturals
3410 S. 300 West, SLC

Leah Wynn, owner of Inside Out Architecturals (IOA) shares that after discovering a renaissance in Arts & Crafts home renovations around SLC—the demand for customized tiles was also increasing. After a few restorative projects, Wynn claims she caught the “tile bug” or the love of how tile work can enhance the beauty of an interior, marrying functionality and artistry. This all happened while working at an established tile business, and was given the opportunity to take ownership. And at that point, Wynn diverted from a conventional supplier model to take IOA in another direction.

As Wynn explains, “Our showroom is more like an art gallery,” demonstrating how several types, colors and patterns of tiles can work together. Ceramic, glass, metal and even leather can be intermixed as well, and keeping with trends are harmoniously placed on walls and freely hanging throughout, providing clients with a strong visual and assisting them in choosing what they want. When you think tile—think beyond the backsplash. Adding interest and detail to your home can also come by way of metal screens, corbels around kitchen ranges and fireplaces, accents in entryways or outdoors.

Carved from Stone With selections from over 50 lines, Wynn additionally represents an innovative manufacturer from Noida, India—Anoma—whose CAD and 3D designers along with hand-carving and inlay artisans add a multi-dimensional detail to their tiles which are made entirely of natural stone.

Made in Utah With its demand, local artisans are increasingly catching the “bug” and creating beautifully-crafted customized tiles. Wynn finds this exciting, “Folks can purchase anything online these days, so people are increasingly interested in purchasing local products.” Beyond supporting local brings people together, “It gives them the opportunity to connect with the artist by creating a truly unique work of art for their living space.”

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