Influential Women in Business: Lori Darr

We know the feeling. You’re walking through Harmon’s or Whole Foods and suddenly you see it. Wrapped in luminous gold packaging, that creamy, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth toffee bursting with pecans or pistachios, dried cranberries, layered and drizzled with rich artisan chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt—it calls to you. 

Let it, because Lori Darr’s Cache Toffee Collection is not only locally made in Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s handcrafted in small batches using fresh butter, renowned Solstice Chocolates and an array of high-quality natural ingredients for out-of-this-world flavor.

“I learned the art of toffee making from my mother, who made it for our family and friends during the holidays,” Lori says, adding that she continued the tradition of toffee gifts for loved ones. Her creative juices began flowing, however, taking inspiration, she says, from Utah’s beautiful seasons, her garden, and her love for spices and good food. “I love putting my own spin on toffee—like adding spices, marinating dried fruits in brandy, adding pumpkin seeds, a touch of lime sea salt—creating unique taste sensations is my passion”.

Once she started, Lori says she couldn’t stop, because friends and family kept asking for more. “I continue to work out the perfect balance of ingredients and temperature, experimenting with flavor and texture combinations until I get the recipes just right,” she says. The clamor for her confections compelled her to launch Cache Toffee Collection in 2016. Her first retail customers were Mick Chandler at Bon Appetit and the Market at Park City. She quickly expanded into the hospitality industry at the St. Regis, Stein Eriksen Lodge, and the Grand America Hotel and from there into grocery stores like The Store in Holladay.

But demand quickly outstripped supply, and Lori decided to move operations into her custom-designed commercial kitchen, expanding her team and introducing her products into other retail stores beyond Utah’s borders in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. 

Cooking and sharing her creations is Lori’s way of showing love—that’s why building Cache Toffee Collection has been so rewarding. The fact that her toffees have received Gold and Bronze medals at the last two Chocolate Alliance global festivals, or that Nordstrom chose to sell her toffee at their stores as one of only a handful of “guest artisan vendors”, is merely the icing on the cake—or rather the drizzle on the toffee. As Lori says, “with eleven varieties and more scrumptious flavors on the way, now there’s a toffee for every sweet and savory tooth, every season, and every occasion.”

If you run into her, she’ll no doubt give you her winning smile and likely offer you a taste of her newest creation. “My joy in sharing what I am excited about motivates me, so it’s fun for me to reach out and say, ‘Try this one!’” 

Cache Toffee Collection
(863) 333-5453
Instagram: @cachetoffee

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