Influential Women in Business: Monet Johnson

Vice President, Marketing, SME Industries, Inc.

Joining SME Steel in 2010, Monet Johnson spearheaded marketing, public relations, business development and community outreach program for one of the largest and preeminent fabricators/erectors of structural steel in the nation. With a background in commercial development, the mother of six went back to school to finish her degree after the economic collapse of 2008—all while working full time and raising her children. 

“The position I hold now didn’t exist until changes in the construction market demanded it,” says Monet, citing the now-complex bidding process as just one example of the industry’s rapid evolution. Her work involves messaging across multiple platforms such as web development, social media, digital marketing, advertising, executive-level communications and published articles.

“I was drawn to marketing due to the research component,” she says, pointing to the business development process as her source for inspiration. “I have a very strong skill set in researching, writing and compiling data into meaningful presentations. I believe one of my greatest strengths lies in being able to see the challenges and the bigger picture at the same time.”

Monet says leadership takes mindfulness, and she tries to incorporate her core values in her practice. These include being confident in herself and empowering others to do the same; being accessible and authentic while honoring others’ authenticity; being a fair and transparent decision-maker and being tough-minded on performance standards while remaining compassionate with individuals.

“Commercial development, building projects, and team building coupled with the ability to create, inspire and delight are daily motivators for me,” she says. “It’s highly rewarding to watch someone’s vision and dream become a reality, participate in the fulfillment, and celebrate the successful delivery together.”

SME Industries, Inc.
5801 W. Wells Park Rd., West Jordan

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