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What’s better than a full-body contouring wrap that both detoxifies and results in losing inches from around your body in just one service? Adding a facial while you’re doing it, that’s what. Soulstice Day Spa and Salon has been around for a while, with two locations. Nicki Luck took over as its owner four years ago. Though she has a vast amount of experience as a CPA, she always carried an interest in the beauty and spa industry, Luck laughs as she admits she, “was somewhat surprised by the change.” Now, with her team and local spa business thriving, Luck realizes that this big career shift was a most fortunate one.

Soulstice Day Spa & Salon
6981 S. Park Centre Dr., SLC

7138 Plaza Center Dr. #120, West Jordan


Inheriting a passionate team of stylists and spa professionals, Luck relies heavily on the knowledge and skill set which they possess and gives them much credit on how they work together to bring their positive energy towards their clients. In addition, Luck explains, “The Soulstice team strives to stay current,” taking frequent trips to trade shows and seeking out educational opportunities to learn about trend-setting techniques and new skincare lines. Cultivating a great workspace is also of high importance to Luck, and she describes, “We love getting to know our client’s individual needs and working together as a team to serve them in the best way possible,” and adds, “Our spas carry an almost family-like feel to them.”

What’s your favorite spa service? Created from a wellness brand in Utah, beyond the weight loss and detoxifying benefits of the M’Lis full-body contouring wrap Luck notices how afterward the skin looks so much better and tighter after an hour and 30-minute session—“It’s an incredible pick me up.” While you’re all wrapped tight, she suggests to bring along some headphones, take a nap, or add a rejuvenating spa-facial to go along with it.

What does self-care mean to you? “My first reaction is that you can’t pour from an empty cup,” says Luck, and goes on to explain, “If we are not taking care of ourselves we are limiting what we can give to others. Self-care has a far-reaching effect on our mental, physical and emotional well being.”

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