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The next time you attend a Ballet West performance and are greeted by the fresh floral arrangements while entering the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, or notice the bouquet given to the prima ballerina during her applause—think of Pam March, founder of Every Blooming Thing. Her influence goes well beyond her shop in Salt Lake City, and it stems from her love of the arts in Utah.

Every Blooming Thing
1344 S. 2100 East, SLC

Her business has been blooming for over 43 years, but Pam March’s influence in Salt Lake comes from more than flowers—it also comes from her voice. March has served on countless boards, including Ballet West, Utah Symphony and Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre in Logan and makes frequent in-kind donations to these organizations. March shared, “My life has been continually blessed by those who believe and encourage my creative work,” and emphasized, “We make it a point to be a part of things that we support.” 

Her creative team is front and center as well, “We get to know your name and build relationships with our clients, it all starts at the top,” March glows when describing her management team, and how they are able to build whatever is needed, “If they can envision it, and it stays within budget and meets specifications, they can create it.”

“We don’t follow the trends; we set them.” March explains, “We’re the first to embrace new designs.” When new designers join the company, they are often surprised at the degree of artistic license allowed them. “It’s exciting to watch them expand and soar in their capacity and let their designs fly.”

What makes us, us. March has always held the belief that, “If you want something badly enough—and work for it with all your heart—your dreams can be achieved.”

Over the years, Every Blooming Thing has maintained a distinctive voice and personality. March loves that they have remained true to that. “We never aspired to be big, we only wished to be good,” and explains, “Whether it be a large bouquet for an event or a single rose, it’s all in the details.”

“Adding a personal touch is part of everything we do, from ownership to management, from receiving an order on the phone to the drivers who deliver to your front door,” and adds, “Because we love what we do, and that’s what makes us, us.”

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