Influential Women in Business: Sheila Itokazu

Sheila Itokazu says she originally founded Lucienne Salon & Spa five years ago with her husband, John, to stay connected to their two daughters, Candice Itokazu and Staci Itokazu-Scripter, both of whom worked in the beauty and wellness industry.

“We definitely felt like there was an opportunity to do something special given our daughters’ expertise and passion for the business,” says Sheila. “That was the beginning of our journey.” 

As with any new business, getting Lucienne off the ground came with challenges that the Itokazus faced together, including developing a business plan, surveying the market, finding the perfect location and refining their negotiation skills. When John took another position with a local company, however, Sheila faced running the company on her own.

“I needed a lot of support stepping into that role those first few years, I really depended on John,” Sheila remembers. “In time, I came into my own, developing the confidence I needed to run my own business. It’s hard work but also rewarding and fun.” 

Surrounding herself with the right people—including her daughters and other team members who share her vision and remain enthusiastic about educating themselves on industry topics and trends, she says, has also been key to Lucienne’s growth. “Now with two locations, we’ve grown from a full-service salon into a spa, med spa and boutique,” says Sheila, listing offerings from hair services, body contouring and laser hair removal to chemical peels, massage and injectables. “We want to stay on the cutting edge by making sure we implement the latest tools, treatments and products available at competitive prices.”

Although starting a new business came with its share of difficult choices, one easy decision, says Sheila, was choosing a name for the company. “We are all about gracefully inspiring change—we want to encourage clients towards a gradual, elegant, patient approach rather than an instant, dramatic or harsh one,” she says. Her mother-in-law, Lucienne, who passed away in 2008, was not only generous and kind, according to Sheila, she was the embodiment of beauty, grace and elegance. “She was everything I hope to personify as a business owner and everything we hope to inspire in our clients.” 

Lucienne Salon

Riverpark Location: 10690 S. River Front Parkway, South Jordan
Daybreak Location: 4709 W. Daybreak Parkway, Ste. A, South Jordan

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