Influential Women in Business: Susan Niedwick

One of the most satisfying aspects of Susan (Taylor) Niedwick’s work as a Senior Wealth Manager with Cutler Investment Group is helping people see the forest in spite of the trees. “There is a season for everything, fluctuations both in the market and, of course, in life,” she says, adding that helping clients get back on their feet after a divorce or the death of their spouse is especially rewarding. “I can help them focus on where they want to go from here, and life can feel manageable again.”

As a full-time wealth advisor managing a home with two teenage daughters, Susan knows firsthand about life’s tendency to throw curveballs and she feels a deep sense of responsibility to help those in her path become financially literate. 

“Understanding the value of money can add to a life with intentional savings and investments or subtract from life with mindless debt and living paycheck to paycheck,” says Susan, who’s own financial lessons began as a young girl growing up in Salt Lake City. “I remember tracking mutual fund investments with my dad on graph paper and helping my mom write checks and organize the family finances.”

Now 25 years in the industry, the University of Utah grad heads up Cutler Investment Group’s office in Southern California,  servicing western states including Utah. She helps individuals create and maintain wealth, and helps businesses set up and manage retirement plans.

“The fact that I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ allows me to dig deeper into the whole financial picture for all my clients,” she says, adding that she is especially passionate about teaching other women keys to money management. “I’ve always been in the minority as a female advisor and I recognize that I bring a unique perspective to women investors.” She also acts as a fiduciary which means her advice is in the client’s best interest.

Susan says she tries to live by the simple words of Fred Rogers: “Real strength has to do with helping others.” She believes her greatest asset is acting as the voice of reason, steering folks toward sound, diversified investment plans rather than headline-grabbing investments where too often, the bottom falls out. “We all work hard to earn money, I want to help people grow it so they can retire exactly how they plan.”

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