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Leah Wynn likes to refer to herself as a “tile nerd.” As the owner of Inside Out Architecturals, one of Utah’s premier decorative tile showrooms and design firms, Wynn literally knows tile inside and out.

She could tell you not only what is going to look best in a particular space, but also about the history of a tile, the type of glaze used on it, and where in the world that style was derived from.

And that level of knowledge is well-known and respected around the state. When high-end homebuilders, such as those who work on houses featured in the Parade of Home, need a special tile to give a new home the perfect finishing touch, they call it Inside Out.

“You name it when it comes to fun, decorative stuff, I do it,” Wynn says.

Not only is Wynn a proprietor of beautiful tile, but she’s also a historian of the art building material. She often consults with Utah leaders on historic tiles found all around the state and loves sharing stories about how certain tiles came to be.

“I’m a detail-oriented person and I see things that way. I have my specialties and I know my math. Tile is very mathematical. All tiles are really just puzzle pieces. You have to learn how to put them together. That’s how I like to think about things.”

—Leah Wynn

One of her favorites involves a tilemaker she met at a tradeshow who devised a very unique and beautiful tile glaze and unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer. Wynn passionately recalls how the tile community, including the renowned artisanal dealer, Sonoma Tilemakers, rallied around the artist to help him recreate his glaze for commercial production before his death. His memory, she says, lives on in some of Sonoma’s most original pieces.

“I was really excited that they were not lost,” says Wynn of the artist’s creations. “Euphoria has a palette of 18 of his best glazes that you can get and share. They saved his legacy.”

Little things like that matter a lot to Wynn, who has always had an eye for thoughtfully-created home design. When she was little, her father took her on a tour of a home designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

She remembers excitedly pointing out to her father how painstakingly detailed the home was. 

“Dad! The seams in the concrete floor line up with the seams in the windows and they line up with the seams in the rafters,” she exclaimed.

It all fits together like puzzle pieces—or perhaps—a wall full of decorative tiles.

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