Your Guide to Utah Summer Festivals and City Celebrations

Warm weather and long days mean it’s time for Utah summer festivals, art fairs and...

Mormon No More: Two Mormon Moms Fall In Love and Leave the Church in New Hulu Docuseries

‘Mormon No More,’ a new ABC News documentary featuring LGBTQ+ ex-Mormons, is streaming on Hulu on June 24.

Why Are So Many Social Media Influencers From Utah?

Since the advent of the Mormon mommy blogger, Utah families have been at the forefront of sharing their personal lives online. Utah influencers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube share the stories behind their success.

Bar Guide: Purgatory on Earth

Purgatory’s far nicer than it sounds.

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Nabil Ayers writes about music, family and childhood memories of SLC in his wide-ranging memoir "My Life in the Sunshine."

Must-See Olympic Venues in Utah

As one of the former Olympic cities, Salt Lake boasts multiple venues where you...

Goldmyth’s Glittering, Moody Indie Pop

Provo-based singer-songwriter (and harpist) Goldmyth makes tuneful dream pop inspired by Sufjan Stevens and Joanna Newsom.

Behind the Beehive

They're everywhere—on the state highway signs, on the Capitol building, on the state flag, on...

Where to Celebrate Juneteenth 2022 in Utah

The Fourth of July is still a couple of weeks away, but on June 19,...

Satire: Today at the Duck Pond

Trent Harris provides a chronicle of the first few months of the coronavirus lockdown in 2020 through his book "Today at the Duck Pond."

Review: She & Him at Red Butte Garden

She & Him's jazzy rework of music from Brian Wilson’s vast catalog took center stage at Red Butte Garden along with opener JEMS.

Want More To Watch After ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven?’ Try Netflix’s FLDS Doc ‘Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey’

Netflix’s ‘Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey’ is told by those who escaped the FLDS

The Resurgence of Backyard Birding

Backyard birding finds new popularity during the pandemic, offering hope to conservationists.

Review: ‘Mestiza, or Mixed’ at Plan-B Theatre

Melissa Leilani Larson’s new play "Mestiza, or Mixed" is a relatable and specific family drama centered on a Filipina screenwriter living in Salt Lake City.

More Kid-friendly Hikes for Summer

When your kids start pestering you about being bored this summer, just tell them to...

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The Best Staycations: Wine Country Inn

Nestled at the base of the western Little Bookcliffs mountains, the 80-room Victorian style Inn...

Black Cat Comics in Salt Lake City Celebrates 18th Anniversary

Local comic book shop Black Cat Comics hosts signing and giveaways for anniversary.

State of the Brew-nion: Shake-ups Hit the Utah Craft Brewing Industry

Utah craft brewing industry stars are persevering through acquisitions and restrictions, winning national acclaim along the way.