It's in Your Head

Four experts on how to keep this year’s resolutions.

It’s the beginning of a new year, the season when the idealistic make New Year’s resolutions and then—inevitably—forget them. The research institute Statistic Brain reports that people who detailed resolutions with no wiggle room “are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.” It’s easy to  make your resolution—keeping it is where things start to get tricky. We spoke to a few local fitness experts and they gave their tips to achieving fitness goals. Many readers may think fitness is just about exercise and eating well, but our team of experts claim it’s all in the brain.


Brittany Hansen

Together is Better

Crossfit Trainer Brittany Hansen says fitness is nearly impossible when you go it alone. Call friends and family to support you along the way. “Struggles are easier together. Then we aren’t alone in our head.”


Drew Manning

Make a Plan

Known for his Fit2Fat2Fit blog and book, Manning knows firsthand how difficult it can be to lose weight and get fit. “You have to have a plan in place,” Drew said. “The plan has to consist of a reason why they want to do it—looking better or skinnier is not long-lasting.” Hire a coach, dietitian, nutritionist or personal trainer. “They are trained in the why and how of losing weight, they have the knowledge to make it happen.”


Chanda Charlesworth

Visualize your goal through the journey

Partner at Avenues Yoga, Charlesworth says let your imagination run free. “Imagine and visualize you have already succeeded,” she said. “Picturing your body as healthier and stronger from the beginning makes the goal feel like it is within grasp,” she says. Fellow instructor Noel Dangerfield suggests “Select a mantra as an overall reminder and sense of encouragement.”

Jonnell Masson

Don’t get discouraged

New Year’s resolutions can be frustrating when results are not immediately reached, but dietitian Jonnell Masson says be patient. “Remember that improving your health is worthwhile, so don’t give up!” Regularly reevaluate your plan. “If you are not making progress towards your goal, ask yourself why and what you can do to change that.”

written by: Brie Olds

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