Jennifer Reeves

Travel isn’t her job, but Jennifer Reeves Design, approaches globetrotting with a business in mind. “I seek out unusual gemstones everywhere I go and bring them back to the U.S. for my designs,” she says.

This is no doubt in part because of her background in the corporate world while living in Australia. It was then that she started creating jewelry part-time. “It was kind of funny because all the ladies I worked with started wearing my jewelry,” she says. “I could never stop. I thought, “This is going to go somewhere.” And somewhere it went – both literally and figuratively.

Reeves is now based in Salt Lake and her pieces are sold online, at trunk shows, pop-ups and at select retailers in Park City, Salt Lake and Los Angeles.

In the four years she’s been here Reeves has seen changes in the area, “Park City and Salt Lake are growing communities,” she says, “Because we are becoming a very popular place where one can conduct business as well as a tourist destination. I think that women are seeking more choices and sophistication in what they are wearing and how they are accessorizing.”

Her collection of jewelry has been instrumental in allowing her to work with women entrepreneurs and support small businesses. “My jewelry business is my passion, but I also endeavor to empower women.”

Q: How does your personality, experience and background influence your business?

“I lead a very active life. I also have a vibrant personality, combined with my travels and creative background which complement by business and the jewelry that I design. All of these characteristics meld into a unique pot of creativity.

Q: Where do you look for professional inspiration?

“I travel extensively, read a lot of jewelry magazines and keep up with current trends. I also go to trade shows and get inspired by exchanging ideas with other designers.”

Q: Biggest challenge?

“Time. Because there is so much I want to do and there are only 24 hours a day. It’s frustrating because I want to go places and do more things, but I am limited on time.”

Q: Best advice?

“Whether it is a goal you want to reach or a business you want to develop. Follow your heart, be passionate and be positive with challenges you are faced with.”

Q: Dream goal?

“I would like to get my jewelry into additional retailers and boutiques in order to expand my distribution and allow more people to enjoy my designs.

Q: What’s new?

“In general I’d like to expand my pearl collection. Pearls are making a comeback and people have a much higher appreciation and interest for pearl jewelry. “I am going to expand that collection to meet the demand.”

Jennifer Reeves Design

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