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Just Organic Juice: Reboot Your Digestive System

Just Organic Juice: Reboot Your Digestive System

2020 was a long year. So many of us have been struggling with added stress and anxiety- putting a lot of new pressures on our bodies. I for one felt these strains in my gut and in my digestive system. After months of dealing with an upset stomach and gut issues, I decided there was no better time to heal my body than the new year.

I researched around locally to find what the best juice cleanse would be for my body. Just Organic Juices is a local juicer that uses certified organic ingredients and a cold-press, juicing method to minimizes oxidization, providing a clean and healthy juice. I went for their Shed Cleanse. But don’t let the name fool you, while this cleanse can help you lose weight, it’s also the perfect remedy to flood your body with all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and clean your digestive system. Which is exactly what my body needed.

The cleanse is made up of 6 (16oz) juices per day of the cleanse. I decided to go with a 1 day cleanse but Just Organic Juices offers cleanses up to 5 days. (They also have multiple types of juice cleanses, crafted for individual needs.) I find it’s best to eat clean and raw 48 hours before doing a juice cleanse. This helps prepare your body for an easy transition. I followed the recommended 2-hour period to drink the juices, ensuring you’re drinking water in-between juices.

just organic juiceFollowing the sequential order provided by Just Organic Juices, I started my day off with their (1.) Giving Greens juice. Made up of organic spinach, cucumber, parsley, celery, dandelion, apple, pear, lemon and ginger, this juice was the exact thing I needed to jump-start my day and aid in balancing my bodies pH. Each juice in this cleanse is hand selected to provide everything your body needs to detox:

2. Grateful Grapefruit: Made up of grapefruit and mint, this juice helps increase metabolic rate. While the mint helps ease the stomach and aid digestion. This juice was tangy, but so delicious. The mint was really soothing on my stomach.

3. Inspired Roots: The name says it all, this juice is made up of lemon, celery, dandelion, beets and carrots. This is an earthy juice. A beautiful deep red color. Detoxifying and full of vitamins.

4. Cleansing Chloro: Green, green, green! This juice is made up of spinach, romaine, parsley, kale and green apples. Energizing, this juice was the mid-day boost I needed.

5. Wise Beets: Made up of lemon, ginger, beets and carrots, this juice is packed with all the vitamins your body needs- a great source of iron and fiber. This juice was also pretty earthy tasting, which I really enjoyed. It left me feeling revitalized.

6. Almond Delight: Obviously, being the sweet-tooth that I am, this was my favorite! The perfect end to a perfect cleanse. Basically a juice cleanse version of a dessert. I was so excited to drink this nut milk. Made up of raw almonds, filtered water, dates and vanilla bean. Creamy, just-sweet-enough and so filling! (Outside of the juice cleanse, this would be great as a vegan coffee creamer!)

After completing this juice cleanse, I felt surprisingly full. I was initially worried that I would be hungry all day or I’d go to sleep feeling hungry, but I was definitely satisfied. Each juice made me feel nourished and sustained. My digestive system feels renewed. And while it feels cliche to say, it’s as if my body has been rejuvenated.

One thing we can all work on moving into 2021 is listening to our bodies needs. Take time to take care of your body and mind, and support local while doing so.

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