Philanthropy: K Real Estate & ‘The Give Back Brokerage’

Jenn Kikel-Lynn has embedded philanthropy in nearly every facet of her life. She has been in the philanthropy space for over a decade, and before establishing her philanthropy-based real estate brokerage, K Real Estate, she worked as Executive Director for three different organizations and has a unique understanding of both the business and nonprofit sectors. Alongside her boutique real estate firm, also known as “The Give Back Brokerage,” where agents and home buyers have the opportunity to give back every time a home is sold, Kikel-Lynn also has two active nonprofits of her own. 

The FMK Foundation was created after losing both of her parents to suicide. The mission is to share their story and promote suicide awareness, as well as to raise money for mental health support via a variety of art-based fundraisers. The foundation also trains individuals in QPR emergency response, designed to prevent suicide by educating the public on ways to help people in mental health emergencies. 

“I personally went through the QPR program,” Kikel-Lynn says. “It helped me to understand my childhood trauma from losing both of my parents, as well as, understanding their own stories of why they ultimately took their own lives. This cause is very important to me.”


Across all of her roles, Kikel-Lynn is connected to 70+ charitable organizations, and her goal is to use her balanced experience to provide resources to groups working to give back. 

One method of fulfilling that goal is her “Give Back and Connect” group on LinkedIn, where organizations worldwide can connect to advertise their events and programming. Kikel-Lynn also organizes monthly networking calls via zoom, and quarterly lunch-and-learns to benefit the group’s 8,000+ members. 

“Nonprofits often don’t have a way to advertise, network, and connect with potential partners because they are so limited in funding,” Kikel-Lynn says. “My goal is to take that burden off of their shoulders through offering free methods for advertising, meeting space, and opportunities to meet other like minded individuals.” 


Anyone interested in giving back around the state is sure to find a worthy cause through Kikel-Lynn’s networks. If you are shopping the real estate market, complete two goals at once by using K Real Estate as your Broker. Kikel-Lynn encourages all who want to give back to connect with her if they aren’t sure where to begin. 

“There’s always going to be a cause that I’m personally attached to that I could direct volunteers to,” Kikel-Lynn says. “Reach out, and I can help you find a cause that resonates with you personally, and learn how to give back your way.”

K Real Estate, ‘The Give Back Brokerage’
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