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As K. Rocke Design’s owner and namesake Kristin Rocke would explain, this might be the Golden Era of interior design.

“I can’t think of a better time to be in design,” Rocke says. “We create stunning interiors and our clients are widely exposed and elevated.”

And thanks to her clientele that stretches across the globe—most of whom already have deep experience creating breathtaking places—elevated awareness begets even more elevated design from Rocke. The bar is getting raised higher and higher, but she’s continually up to the task.

“I get a lot from learning about different crafts other than my own. I get a ton of value from looking at art and even the nonvisual arts, like reading or watching something like how a writer creates and how they process their craft, I think it’s really exciting and generates a lot of ideas.”

—Kristin Rocke

As a woman, and, especially as a celebrated interior designer, Rocke feels she has a big advantage in creating original looks and designs that stir up strong emotions.

“I think women are very adaptable, really great listeners, and can manage multiple tasks while pushing ideas and projects forward,” Rocke explains. 

But that’s not to say when push comes to shove, Rocke can shove with the best of them, when needed.

“I can be very alpha,” she laughs. “But I feel like that’s very balanced with being understanding and compassionate to the people that are working around me.”

So combine the proper touch of an accomplished professional with the rich surplus of idea starters easily found in the modern age and the executive of a renowned team, such as K. Rocke’s, and you get great design. That’s Rocke’s approach to her business.

“We’re doing great work and we have a highly effective, productive, and creative team,” K. Rocke Design’s leader says. “It’s almost like a hive buzzing with energy and we really do have the opportunity to make space and place different than anyone has seen anywhere else.”

And for Rocke, that’s one of the most fulfilling parts of her work.

“I feel very privileged to be in people’s lives this way. It’s exhilarating to me.”

3910 S. Highland Dr., Millcreek

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