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Corey Luke, parts manager at Ken Garff PorscheAudi in Lehi, brings a lifetime of mechanics experience and automotive passion to his role. He shares his background and the ways Ken Garff is improving the car game for drivers.

Corey Luke’s love for the automotive industry started in the pit with his race-car-driver father, who made sure Luke got hands-on experience learning about all the systems on a vehicle, from the fuel lines to the electrical system, from the steering column to the suspension.

Porsche Lehi

That comprehensive knowledge of a vehicle’s inner workings provided an ideal foundation for Luke’s 30-year-career as a parts employee. He landed his first gig matching paint to damaged cars at an auto body supply store. Later, he was hired to wash cars at an auto dealership and has remained in the dealership world ever since. The knowledge gained at each step in his career is of great value to Luke.

“We live in a world of instant gratification, but experience comes at a slower pace,” he says. “For success in this line of work, you have to be a sponge of knowledge and learn from every single person you meet. Anyone can be a teacher.”

Servies at Ken Garff Audi Lehi & Porsche Lehi

His unique blend of experience, paired with his racing roots led Luke to Ken Garff’s Audi-Porsche dealerships in Lehi. While Luke came for the storied racing history of both brands, he has stayed 15 years for the technological developments and, of course, for Ken Garff’s values.

According to him, the company’s “We Hear You” motto applies not only to its customers but to employees, business partners and beyond. Ken Garff team members are encouraged to focus as much on their fellow employees’ success and development as they do on helping customers with repairs.

“Ken Garff Truly cares about its customers and team members,” says Luke. “While I know no person or company is perfect, Ken Garff is constantly striving to do better and be better.”

Corey Luke, parts manager at Ken Garff Porsche

“Whatever chair I sit in, or whatever title I’m given, I want to continue building on the Ken Garff team’s success.”

— Corey Luke

That level of passion isn’t the only value Ken Garff Audi-Porsche brings to the table for customers. “Our customers receive regular services by factory trained technicians, not just an oil change,” Luke shares. “The quality of that service brings value to our customer experience just as much as the cost of the vehicle.”

Audi in front of Audi Lehi

Beyond helping people meet their needs (whether it be repairing a water pump in a customer’s driveway or a team member trying to reach their goal), one of Luke’s day-to-day goals is to deliver service that helps drivers see the lifetime value of working with Ken Garff, and the ease the dealer brings to car ownership. He also encourages car shoppers to pay a visit to the Ken Garff Audi-Porsche lots to take a look at the latest developments the brands are making in favor of safety and efficiencies both large and small.

“Some of the new technologies and features are things that most would never even think of,” Luke says. “For example, the wiper blades will flip the rubber insert every other time you start the car, thus extending the life of the blade and saving you a repair trip.”

Servies at Ken Garff Audi Lehi & Porsche Lehi

New developments, big and small, are a few of Luke’s favorite parts of his career. Looking ahead, he anticipates a host of new safety features on the horizon for luxury vehicles, including a rumored system in the works that will allow vehicles to ‘speak’ to each other: when a car comes across a hazard on the road such as debris, pedestrians, or a stalled vehicle, the car’s safety system will relay that information to all cars in the immediate area. This message system would allow drivers ample time to anticipate and prepare for the hazard, rather than reacting suddenly with dangerous evasive maneuvers.

Keep a keen eye on Corey Luke and the Ken Garff dealerships for more improvements in coming years, both to their vehicles as well as their service. At Ken Garff,  their mission is to create a positive experience for customers, and Luke takes full responsibility for his role in that mission by ensuring the dealership is well stocked   with commonly requested parts, and especially by keeping himself and his staff well-trained and educated.

“My career goals are simply to continue to learn,” says Luke. “Whatever chair I sit in, or whatever title I’m given, I want to continue building on the Ken Garff team’s success.”

Porsche Lehi

3425 N. Digital Drive, Lehi 

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