The Utah Film Commission announced five new movie projects, which together will create 500 jobs, will use Utah as a backdrop in the coming year.

One of the productions is the much-anticipated TV series, Yellowstone, featuring Kevin Costner. The series follows a ranching family that finds its cattle empire threatened. The Film Commission expects Yellowstone will generate more than 300 of the anticipated 500 film jobs along with $28 million in tax money.

“Utah is a really unique location as the mountains are so close to the city, says Oscar-nominated (Hell or High Water) filmmaker Taylor Sheridan on why he chose to film Yellowstone in Utah.  “Coupled with its incentive program, experienced crew and the Park City Studios, I think that Utah is at the forefront of what will become a much bigger film industry.”

A second bigger production is the documentary However Long. The film follows  the lives of women living with metastatic breast cancer. Jenny Mackenzie, a local filmmaker, will direct and produce the documentary in and around Salt Lake City.

Three smaller productions include a romantic holiday comedy, Enchanted Christmas; a television series Pupsicles and a as yet untitled high-school comedy series.

The image above is from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival where Wind River, another award-winning movie by Taylor Sheridan shot in Utah, was shown. Featured are (from left to right) Elizabeth Olsen, Taylor Sheridan and Jeremy Renner.