Kevin Costner Western and Four Other Movies to be Filmed in Utah

The Utah Film Commission announced five new movie projects, which together will create 500 jobs, will use Utah as a backdrop in the coming year.

One of the productions is the much-anticipated TV series, Yellowstone, featuring Kevin Costner. The series follows a ranching family that finds its cattle empire threatened. The Film Commission expects Yellowstone will generate more than 300 of the anticipated 500 film jobs along with $28 million in tax money.

“Utah is a really unique location as the mountains are so close to the city, says Oscar-nominated (Hell or High Water) filmmaker Taylor Sheridan on why he chose to film Yellowstone in Utah.  “Coupled with its incentive program, experienced crew and the Park City Studios, I think that Utah is at the forefront of what will become a much bigger film industry.”

A second bigger production is the documentary However Long. The film follows  the lives of women living with metastatic breast cancer. Jenny Mackenzie, a local filmmaker, will direct and produce the documentary in and around Salt Lake City.

Three smaller productions include a romantic holiday comedy, Enchanted Christmas; a television series Pupsicles and a as yet untitled high-school comedy series.

The image above is from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival where Wind River, another award-winning movie by Taylor Sheridan shot in Utah, was shown. Featured are (from left to right) Elizabeth Olsen, Taylor Sheridan and Jeremy Renner.

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