Kilby Block Party Day One

The first day at Kilby Block Party proved to be anything but ordinary. Unlike last year’s festival the larger State Fair Park setting gave us all room to move around without getting jostled or crushed. There was plenty of places where people could just sit down, grab a beer and relax. However, it was all about the music, which featured incredible performances that kept the energy high from start to finish.

Highlights of the Day

The festival featured several noteworthy bands, but six in particular left a lasting impression. The first was Sunhills, a local group that kicked off the festival with an electrifying performance that got the crowd moving. Lucius, Noso and Japanese Breakfast were the afternoon’s biggest draw. Dominic Fike’s set was another crowd-pleaser, drawing a massive audience. However, the biggest highlight of the day can be summed up in three words: Yeah Yeah Yeahs. As soon as they stepped up on the stage it was made clear that this was the performance everyone was looking fhere to see, featuring incredible vocals and energy that left the crowd awestruck.

My Day at Kilby

Aside from the long wait to get into the festival, my day at Kilby Block Party was anything but long. The abundance of food trucks serving a variety of cuisines, from Thai dishes to classic burgers and fries, was impressive and sure to satisfy any craving you might have. While the beer selection was somewhat limited, the Squatters Juicy IPA definitely did it for me. Of all the performances, Ritt Momney was definitely my favorite. They played to a perfect-sized crowd as the sun began to set, and their connection with the audience was palpable.

For all you day two comers, please bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and trust me don’t stress about the size of your bag, they truly do not care.

Kilby Block Party 2023 photos by Natalie Simpson

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Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty is an intern for Salt Lake magazine. She is currently enrolled at the University of Utah and is studying English. In her free time she enjoys skiing, reading, and traveling.

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