Kilby Block Party Day Three

The last day of the festival definitely went out with a bang…and when I say bang I mean literal thunder and lightning.

Highlights of the Day

The day truly kicked off with back-to-back sets by Crumb and Tolchock Trio, two talented acts who are sure to gain widespread recognition after their performances today. The Backstreet Lovers took the stage, and their performance drew in just about every single attendee there. The band is local and of course had to play their hit song “Kilby Girl” which had the crowd go wild, myself included. After that the Pixies performed creating a massive crowd with their iconic reputation. However, the festivities took an unexpected turn when a thunderstorm struck, prompting a frenzy as half the attendees sought shelter and the other half left. Nevertheless, the festival went on despite the setback. Pavement ultimately took the stage around 10:00 pm and the dedication these fans had was unreal.

My Day at Kilby

Today was undoubtedly my favorite day of the festival. Although it was a little less hectic than yesterday, it was still busier than the first day. However, the atmosphere was much more relaxed, and the people seemed to be having more fun, probably because most of them were feeling a little delirious from the past two days of festivities. Without a doubt, my favorite performance of the day, and perhaps the whole festival, was the Backseat Lovers. I might be a little biased since they’re one of my favorite artists, but their performance was outstanding, and the audience was absolutely impeccable. But the highlight of my day was the thunderstorm. I know that may sound crazy, but running to find shelter with thousands of people all screaming the lyrics to the Pixies was an unforgettable experience. Now that the festival is over, I’m exhausted, slightly hysterical but above all, extremely happy that I attended. 

My first festival, and definitely not my last. Thank you Kilby Block Party for the craziest and best kick off to summer 2023!

Kilby Block Party 2023 photos by Natalie Simpson, Beehive Photography

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Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty
Julia McNulty is an intern for Salt Lake magazine. She is currently enrolled at the University of Utah and is studying English. In her free time she enjoys skiing, reading, and traveling.

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