Where to Find Korean Desserts in Utah

Don’t miss out on these small, shareable bites for dessert.

Hodu-Gwaja—’Walnut’ Cookies 

Named for their walnut shape, the exterior is crispy and almost buttery, and the interior is stuffed with a sweet paste. It is debated whether it qualifies as a cookie, a mini cake, or a pastry. SanFran Burritos N Fry’z version, Ok-Hodu, is stuffed with red bean or sweet potatoes. Red bean paste is made with adzuki beans that are boiled, mashed, and lightly sweetened. They taste almost like a sweet crepe. 


Fish-shaped pastries made with a waffle-like batter, the name means “carp bread.” They seem to have originated in Japan as Taiyaki and are sold in both countries as street food. They are filled with a sweet paste, usually red bean or sweet potato but sometimes custard or chocolate. San Fran’s Mini Taiyaki are smaller bite-sized versions of the original, and they fill them with red bean paste or custard. 

House-Made Persimmon Punch 

Korean persimmon punch (Sujeonggwa) is made by simmering fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, black sugar and dried persimmons together for several hours. It comes out sweet, without being sticky or overpowering, with a hint of spice. It makes for a perfect digestif to end your meal. Get the punch.

Lydia Martinez
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