Life on the Ledge

Breaking barriers with a Park City-made independent film.

If Oscar Wilde was right about life imitating art and we seek a future where all people are represented, perhaps someone needs to create that world on screen first. Lindsay Wilner is trying to do just that with her new film Ledge Dweller.

Wilner’s screenplay challenges the film industry’s romantic cliches of beautiful boy meets beautiful girl and they live happily ever after a couple plot twists. Her film, instead, follows a middle-aged woman struggling through a midlife crisis who ultimately finds love and redemption with a little person.

“I wanted to make a film that’s entertaining, gritty and challenging, and the best way to achieve that without compromise was to start my own production company, Look and See,” Wilner says.

Ledge Dweller is in preproduction as of this writing and how far it goes is anybody’s guess, despite having the participation of renowned small-statured actor Mark Povinelli and co-director Frank Johnson.

But the film is significant for another reason—its production is based at Park City Film Studios at Quinn Junction. Ledge Dweller could help Park City outgrow its image as a caricatured backdrop for Sundance Film Festival by highlighting its own independent filmmaking community and infrastructure.

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