New StretchLab in Sugarhouse Promotes Strength and Flexibility

Have you ever seen someone sprawled out at the gym? A trainer stretching them like a pretzel after a workout? Or maybe you’ve noticed massive football players on the sidelines getting an...

Let Your New Utah Flag Fly

There was nothing wrong with Utah’s old state flag. We’d call it “serviceable,” but lawmakers thought it was time for a glow-up. The Utah State Flag Task Force received 7,000 flag designs...

What to Expect from the 2023 Utah Legislative Session

"During a legislative session there might be more than 1,000 bills introduced, and they’re constantly changing as they get amended,” says Deborah Case with the League of Women Voters of Utah’s Legislative...

Medical-Grade Hydration at DRIPbar

Beauty trends have gone way beyond your mom’s Oil of Olay and are increasingly blurring the line between medicine and wellness. The fusion of hospital and spa seems complete, however, with the...

Caring For Insta’s Favorite Holiday Flower: Amaryllis

Amaryllis is the holidays' most photo-worthy flower, and it's easy to grow, bulb to bloom. 1) Choose a large, firm bulb with roots. Soak the bulb base and roots in warm water a...

Salt Lake City Businesses with Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday shopping used to mean getting up early, lining up outside of a big-box store in freezing weather and potentially trampling over your neighbor to get the last discounted KitchenAid mixer...

How Can the Mental Health Crisis in Utah Be Solved?

When it comes to reporting on mental health in Utah, there’s a lot of smoke—but figuring out what caused the fire can be tricky.

Layer It On Me: Fall Style

Transition your summer wardrobe into the fall with these local finds.

Dahlias: Summertime’s Garden Showstopper

When late-summer's rays have left your gardens scorched and sparse, few flowers retain their brilliance like dahlias. The perennial is well adjusted to torrid temperatures and features fashionably late blooms that liven...

13 Pool Day Essentials

Between swanky pool deck seating and creative floating lights, these favorite finds are an absolute must this summer.

The Resurgence of Backyard Birding

Backyard birding finds new popularity during the pandemic, offering hope to conservationists.

Take Pride In Where You Shop

Check out these 11 LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and other queer-friendly shops in Utah to help you support queer-friendly retail.

Utah Florist Conner Nesbit Dishes on HBO Max’s ‘Full Bloom’

Conner Nesbit is certainly more flush since pocketing the $100,000 grand prize awarded him as HBO Max’s first Full Bloom champion a year ago. He’s also a lot busier. Since winning the...

4 Vegetables to Plant in Your Spring Garden

Aspiring first timers or fully-certified master gardeners, we’re not urban agriculture snobs here. Let’s list some quick-n-dirty vegetable and herb varieties that you can get into the ground (or a patio garden...

6 of Utah’s Best Luxury Spas

Call it spring break for adults. These luxury spas are where highly strung people go to get unstrung. You don't need to stray far from home for a luxurious experience.

Dig In: 5 Utah Spring Landscaping Tips

March weather is notoriously unpredictable, especially in Utah, where a week of sunshine is often followed by days of unrelenting snowfall. But for steadfast gardeners and loyal landscapers, the early spring season...
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