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Stone Cold: Cryotherapy Aims to Put Pain on Ice

Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has some similarities to your run-of-the-mill ice pack you used after falling off your bike as a child—vasoconstriction from cold temperatures decreases blood flow and thus inflammation, yadda, yadda—but with more of a flash freeze method.

Spring Clean Your Diet

A juice cleanse can get you back on the path of health.

A Breath of Fresh Air for the Mind, Body and Soul at Red Mountain Resort

Thanks to the massively beautiful and varied  landscape that is Utah, even in the dead of winter, I can find a warm-weather escape surrounded by stunning scenery and an abundance of outdoor activity.

Essential Oils: Utah's Whacky New Religion

The newest issue of New Yorker magazine explores the exploding business (or craze, as some would say,) of essential oils. The article focuses on two of the world's biggest essential oil companies:...

Fit Fashion

Never mind the stilettos. This is what strong women wear.

Find Your Center with Summer Yoga at The Gateway

Starting May 7, The Gateway and Schloé Yoga Salt Lake City will be holding free weekly yoga classes, every Sunday at 9 am at The Gateway fountain. The event is geared toward...

Going gently into the night: For now, Death with Dignity is a lost cause in Utah

“I don’t want to die,” says John Scharf, who recently received a terminal cancer diagnosis.  The Davis County man is receiving all possible treatments to extend his life, but says, “If can’t...

Active Aging

Exercise keeps older adults fit in more ways than one. Each week, a group of seniors on skis gather at the top of Mount Timpanogos. After hugs and handshakes are exchanged, one member...

Better Together

Social programs enhance physical health through emotional connection.

Utah Legislature Opts for Unsafe Sex—Again.

The Utah Legislature's mortification at the idea sexy talk is so extreme the House education committee this week fell on the grenade, so to speak, to protect the full House from discussing the facts of life. House...

It's in Your Head

Four experts on how to keep this year’s resolutions.

Sex (mis) Education: Myth vs Fact (Part 3)

what we think we know It’s better for kids to learn about sex from their parents than at school. the truth We’re not talking to our kids about sex at home. 30-SECOND SEX ED: Parents don’t need...

Sex (mis) Education: No Place is Less Knowledgeable than Utah (Part 1)

No place is more obsessed with sex than Utah. And no place is less knowledgeable. Three nervous students sat in the back of my classroom, whispering among themselves—“You ask her! No, YOU ask...

Sex (mis) Education: Utah's Fear of Pornography (Part 2)

No place is more obsessed with sex than Utah. And no place is less knowledgeable. by Susan Lacke Photography by Adam Finkle No one in the Utah Legislature seems to know. Despite passing a resolution in...

World AIDS Day: Local event offers health resources and emotional support

To raise awareness this World AIDS Day, many local organizations are teaming up to eliminate the stigmas surrounding AIDS and encourage more people to get tested. The HIV incident rate in Salt Lake...

Salt Lake magazine's Thanksgiving Guide

Eats Thanksgiving Day Buffet - Finca - November 24 A traditional American Thanksgiving meal and classic Spanish favorites will fill the Thanksgiving Day buffet Finca will prepare on November 24. From 10 a.m. to 2...
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