Liquor laws: Please make it stop!

Just when you thought the crazy pills were wearing off, the Utah DABC comes up with a new rule to prove Utah floats in a bizarre parallel universe.

Beginning May 9, Utah restaurants that serve alcohol and bars must display an 8 1/2” by 11” sign designating whether they are a “restaurant” or a “bar.”

Something like this:

This premise is licensed as a restaurant

Not a bar

Imagine for a moment you are someone lucky enough to only be visiting Utah and you saw that sign. Would you:

A. Believe you could order a drink.

B. Leave to try to find restaurant that serves alcohol.

C. Question the sanity of the people who posted it.

D. Chuckle about “pain-in-the-a** Utah” and Instagram the sign to the rest of the nation.

(Businesses licensed as a bar will have to display the opposite message.)

It’s part of the liquor law overhaul/convention-expulsion program passed by the Legislature that includes a “Zion” curtains, moats, fences and the lowest-in-the-nation DUI blood-alcohol level.

Of course, social media is having a field day.

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