Chefs Paul Chamberlain and Logen Crew opened SLC Eatery last year and I’ve eaten there several times. Excellent food, fun service (the dim sum cart!) friendly people. But what sticks in my memory from those visits? It’s the little things. I was so wowed by the Fernet marshmallows at SLC Eatery that I wanted to take some home—that made me start thinking about what makes a dish memorable and what separates good food from great food.

Conclusion: The little things are the important things—I take this as a general philosophy of life—but in the kitchen, the small stuff can take an excellent dish to realm of the Platonic Ideal.

Here are some of my favorite (little) things:

  • The Fernet marshmallows that garnish the chocolate mousse at SLC Eatery
  • The tiny cubes of crispy rice that garnished the plate of tender calamari SLC Eatery
  • The toasted corn kernels on the Romaine salad at Cucina
  • The bottarga on the asparagus at Stoneground Italian Kitchen
  • The sesame seeds in the crust on Log Haven‘s crabcakes
  • The pea tendrils on Gloria’s meatballs at Pallet

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