Influential Women In Business: Liz Findlay

Albion Fit co-founder, Liz Findlay, is deeply passionate about bringing comfortable, original and high-quality clothing to her customers. “Dave and I are passionate about making things that we personally love. I’d never create or promote anything I, myself, wouldn’t wear or dress my kids in,” says Findlay. And part of that commitment means designing the pieces in-house with her husband, and co-founder, Dave. “We do everything together here in Salt Lake: sketches, designs and silhouettes. It’s all designed collaboratively between me and Dave and also with our team’s feedback.”

Though Albion initially started out as a women’s apparel line, they now offer high performance fitness, leisure and swimwear for women, men, girls and boys. With this expansion, Findlay believes she can more fully give back to the community she grew up in. “We’re home grown, we both went to the U and we met in downtown SLC. A large part of our identity is promoting Utah, our culture, the landscape and our way of life,” she adds.

And Findlay’s innate creativity is part of what makes Albion Fit such a sought-after brand. “Dave and I are both creative souls when it comes down to it. I love the humanities and he is a trained graphic designer. We took Art History classes together in college and even lived in Florence for 6 weeks after we graduated. The aesthetic we established at Albion was key from the very beginning,” says Findlay. One look into their office says it all: “We have a bunch of art and museum books, Monet to Kandinsky.” This love of art gives Findlay much of her inspiration, along with natural colors, florals and architecture—proving that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.


Q. Best Advice?

“You can’t be afraid to fail. We’ve had several different ventures that didn’t work out. You’ve got to be willing to try different things, and you’re gonna have to decide to go all in.”

Q. What’s New?

“We opened a store at Fashion Place, and we have a store opening up Dallas, Texas. Then, we’re planning another store in Arizona in the next 6 months. So, opening retail locations is our newest emphasis.”

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