Arvo is an online shop for classy, minimalist watches inspired by a thrift-store timepiece that company owner Jake Nackos fell in love with. “It had a brown leather band that was overly worn, and the gold face was decorated with a bald eagle,” Jake says. “I bought it and wore it until it broke, but I keep it as a reminder of this inspiration it gave me.”

The thrift store treasure next to Arvo’s first watch design, the Time Sawyer

Growing up with a father who collects timepieces, Jake says, “it seems only natural that this kind of company is now in our family.” Completely run by himself and his wife Ashley, who also owns Merit & Vine floral, Arvo is definitely a family affair—regularly featuring their 1-year-old son Leo, as the hands-down cutest face of Arvo’s social network.

One-year-old Leo and Arvo product

The website explains Arvo watches as quality, affordable and “unisexy.”

“The classic style is for everyone,” says Jake. The genuine leather bands and water resistant timepieces are designed to cater to style and personality, and they are made affordable, ranging $50–$65.

Currently Arvo has three different watch designs: The Good Samaritime, Timeus Edison and Time Sawyer. The various watch designs also allow buyers to customize the colors of the face, case, band and even second-hand (only on Good Samaritime) of each watch.

Differnt color choices of the Time Sawyer

Coming up with a company name was “the hardest part,” says Jake. “A watch is small and the name can either enhance or ruin the design.” Jake found the four letter word basically by accident and only later discovered what it really meant. The word arvo in Australia is used to refer to afternoon-time, as in “Let’s meet tommorrow arvo.” Luckily for Jake, Australian customers will never know the name was coincidence and a great one at that.

Arvo customers are extremely involved. A naming contest for each new watch Arvo releases has set a high standard for customer input and interaction. “I love being a personable company and feel that is where our success comes from,” says Jake. “People see people instead of just a product for money. They want to be involved and that’s all I can ask for.”

A customer submission showing the unisexi-ness of Arvo product.

After the first customer contest led to the naming of Arvo’s first watch, Time Sawyer, the company has not been shy about getting involved in the community. Charity and service work really define the small business—one example being the proceeds of The Good Samaritime. Each color of second-hand available with this particular watch—green, blue, red, purple and pink—is tied to a charity that the proceeds directly benefit. For more information on each charity go here. Arvo also holds an annual December charity event and participates in many service projects. In 2013, Arvo teamed up with customers to distribute over 800 beanies to local homeless individuals. “It’s important to give back and to stay humble,” says Jake. “Being involved in our community is my favorite part of this company and is the reason I started it in the first place.”

The Good Samaritime—red second-hand.

Over 800 of these beanies were personally delivered to local homeless individuals.

Aside from service, Arvo really knows how to throw a party. The Arvo New Year’s Eve Party has already had two extremely successful turnouts, this year featuring local band The Moth and the Flame and singer-songwriter Joshua James. “I love music and think that Utah is producing incredible artists,” says Jake. “It’s been a dream to team up with local bands like we have be able to do.”

With Arvo now prevalent in the community and its growing clientele, Jake is planning to launch a kickstarter campaign later this year. He hopes to further expand the company and to eventually place product in retail shops that compliment the Arvo brand. “We are beyond grateful for the support we’ve received from the community,” says Jake. “It’s a blessing to be where we are and we’re excited to see what the future holds.”

To connect with Arvo, find them on Instagram @Arvowear or get your own timepiece here.

All photos courtesy of Arvo.