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Salt Lake magazine gathered these ghost stories YOU submitted to us on saltlakemagazine.com and facebook.com/SaltLakemag. Read on for some spooky folklore in your neck of the woods!

Purple Lovin’ Ghost in Memory Grove

“Thought I would send over this little gem of a picture I took at Memory Grove a couple falls ago. The people who work at the Memorial House reception center in Memory Grove say it is haunted by a woman who loves the color purple. The ghost’s face appears in the window pane to the right, above the father’s head. I shot ten frames in this exact location, and in all the other frames, you can see my reflection in the window, but no face.

I wasn’t the one that noticed it, the client texted me late one night after I put her previews up on my blog to say that she had enlarged the photo and made it her screensaver, and that is when she saw it. She thought it was interesting because while we were taking the photos, I was telling them about the rumors I had heard about the ghost and how she liked the color purple and that since my client was wearing a purple sweater, maybe the ghost would visit us.

I go back there and shoot in that exact window every time I do a session in Memory Grove, but to date, have not captured anything like this since that day.” —Photographer, Carrie Butler, via e-mail

Editor’s Note—We called Memorial House, and they confirmed the rumors of a purple-loving, lady ghost.

Cottonwood Heights’ Haunted Mill

“One of my favorite haunted places is the Old Mill in Cottonwood Heights. We went to film there for fun, and the site already is eerie during the night after being shut down for several decades now. When we filmed into the old windows you could see eerie things going on through them that the camera was picking up. All in all, that place is just creepy and I swear it is haunted!” —Jamie Bowen, via facebook.com/SaltLakemag

Editor’s Note—Jamie is referring to the paper mill formerly used by the Deseret News at 6845 S. Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Ghost on the Green River

“Along the Green River, near Flaming Gorge, there is a lovely spot where river-rafters like to launch their crafts. My husband and I were to rendezvous with several friends for a day on the river. As we waited for everyone to arrive, I wandered the surrounding area until I found myself on a promontory overlooking the Green River and the spectacular red canyons beyond.

Here I sat down on a low rock, turned my face toward the sun, and closed my eyes, feeling deliciously warm and a little bit sleepy. That is when I felt it. Less than a touch, but more than a whisper, something was keeping me company. Well, something or…someone.

This is the part of my tale where I sound like a crazy woman. My new friend, the “whispery presence” let me know that this special place was where he used to sit and keep a lookout; watching and waiting, while fashioning arrowheads to fill the long hours.

He told me he had lost one of his arrowheads here, and if I would simply brush through the earth at my feet, I would find it. I didn’t doubt for a moment that I would indeed find his missing treasure. So, I slowly reached down, gently pushed aside the dirt and rocks at my fingertips, and gazed at the small gray arrowhead.” —Melanie Inskeep, via saltlakemagazine.com

The Old House in Draper

“I never believed in ghosts until one day I saw a little old house for sale on Fort St in Draper.

My husband & I got out & walked around it since it looked abandoned & immediately I had a strange feeling. It seemed like someone was watching us but there was nobody around.

Then the sprinklers came on & they were just connected to hoses – not the automatic kind. I ran back to the car but my husband looked in the windows & said nobody could possibly be living there since the few things inside were covered with dust & cobwebs. SCARY!” —Sonja Jorgensen, via facebook.com/SaltLakemag

Asylum 49 Meetup in Tooele

“I visited Asylum 49 in Tooele for their first official meetup. My friend and I both noticed an eerie feeling in one area of the room we were in. Since we both had felt it in the same spot, I was sure it wasn’t just my imagination.

Later, as I was about to leave, we were taken through the old hospital and I glanced down a hall and a door was open to one of the old rooms. The guy who was leading us out noticed I was looking in that direction and asked if I’d seen anything. I hadn’t seen anything, but I had a feeling there was something especially strange about that room. He told us that was where a number of people died, which would explain the negative energy that seemed to spill out into the hallway from that area of the hospital.” —Brianna Kent, via facebook.com/SaltLakemag

Editor’s Note—Asylum 49 Paranormal Investigators are a local ghost hunting group, who meet in the old Tooele Hospital. Recently, an episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel was filmed at the hospital.

Horror Scene at SLC Cemetery

“You all have seen it in the movies. Someone is trying to escape harm and the engine to their car will not start. Crank, crank, crank, and then at the last minute the car starts and they get away. Don’t you hold your breath when that happens…” Come on, come on. Oh thank God”.

My boyfriend lived in the Avenues area of Salt Lake City, his apartment adjacent to a cemetery. It was a peaceful and serene scene during the day and I would often appreciate its beauty. But at night, when I would leave his apartment to drive home, the rustling of leaves,the moaning of the wind, the squeal of a cat, the shadowy figures cutting through the grave yard to walk home or perhaps just wander,made my heart pound. What was I really hearing and who was I really seeing? At night I always held my breath until I had driven past the headstones. Safe again.

One winter night it had been snowing. Freezing outside, a white blanket covered my car. As I left the apartment to go home, the grave yard looked particularly eerie. I wanted to get away as quickly as I could. I began to move out from the curb, but my car became stuck. I was panicked. I pressed on the gas harder and spinning my wheels my car became more embedded in the snow. I could feel the graveyard closing in on me. I put the car in forward, then reverse over and over again. Could I rock my car out?

I was shaking. I was sure I could see movement in the graveyard. I couldn’t swallow. My legs were shaking so hard I could barely keep my foot on the gas pedal.

Then I felt a loud thump and a banging on the trunk of my car. My heart jumped, I became paralyzed with fear.

Someone, something, started to walk along the side of the car to the drivers window. My heart was pounding out of my chest. A figure leaned against my car door.

Then a familiar voice. “Put your car in drive, I’m gong to try to push you out.”

And when we got married, I would not live in that beautiful apartment adjacent to the cemetery graced by day and perhaps haunted by night. We sometimes drive to see his old apartment, looking at the window that was once his, and I look across to the graveyard, the trees, and the headstones, and am thankful that we live really really far away.” —Lynne Cohen, via saltlakemagazine.com

Ghost at the Old Spaghetti Factory

“I had a ghost touch me on the shoulder and say “Hi” close to my ear. I was having dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square. When I turned around no one was there.” —Angela Richey, via facebook.com/SaltLakemag

Spooky House in West Valley

“I have a spooky story. So there is a house in West Valley that my friend used to live at. It was a typical red-brick house with a ground floor and a basement. Well, we were at her house alone one day in the basement room directly at the bottom of the stairs. To the right was a door to a bathroom. Both the door to the room we were in and the door to the bathroom were wide open. We actually saw the door to the bathroom close, and we didn’t think anything of it. Probably a draft or something. But then we hear the toilet seat slam and we think someone else must be in the house. So we go and check to see if her family is home. No go. So we go back downstairs and the door to the bathroom is still closed, and then we hear the toilet flush. Both of us start wigging out a little thinking someone is in the bathroom, so we open the door and no one is there. The window in the bathroom was too small for anyone to have gone through! Spooky right?” —Steve Scriven, via facebook.com/SaltLakemag

Bad Vibes at Kay’s Cross

“There is a part of the path leading to Kay’s Cross in Kaysville that is narrow and has a fence on both sides. My friends and I would always get really “bad vibes” when going through there. Everywhere else was fine, but when we went through the narrow path we all stopped talking at the same time and walked really fast. It felt like something (other than cops and the guy that owns the land) didn’t want us there.” —Brittany Hackett, via facebook.com/SaltLakemag

Editor’s Note—Some submissions were edited due to length or clarity.

This story was originally published in 2013, but we also have more up-to-date ghost stories! Read all about the famed Skinwalker ranch, here.

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