Lolli & Pops Brings Sweetness

It’s not often that I feel the overwhelming excitement of being a kid in a candy shop, but as soon as I found Lolli & Pops nestled between J. Crew and Madewell in the Fashion Place Mall, I couldn’t help but feel excited. Lolli & Pops are the purveyors of sweetness who are looking to give customers a sweet experience full of delight and nostalgia. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour from Whitney Davidson who showed me everything Lolli & Pops has to offer and let me sample some of their delicious treats.

When you walk into Lolli & Pops, you are greeted with an immediate sense of nostalgia which increases ten-fold when you see their huge selection of candy ranging from their own specialty treats to the bubble gum cigarettes you remember buying as a kid. It’s obvious from the presentation and flavors that Lolli & Pops puts a lot of time and effort into creating the best sweets imaginable, and boy do they deliver.

Their own specialty treats and candies range from chocolate bars to the fluffiest rice crispy cakes you’ve ever found. Their chocolate covered barbeque chips taste like nothing I have ever eaten before. The combination of smoky barbeque flavor and the sweetness of chocolate mixed with the crunch of a potato chip makes for a delicious snack that you can’t help but share with your friends.  The back of the store is watched over by a giant gold gummy bear that sits above their wide range of gummy candy that includes flavors like Pina Colada and champagne that taste just like the real thing. The best section lays right in the middle where you can find their melt in your mouth dark chocolate sea salt caramels among a huge variety of white, milk and dark chocolate treats. Another great thing about this location is their event room. This delightful space allows you and your friends to join together for anything from birthdays to gingerbread house building.

The best way to experience Lolli & Pops is to actually visit their store. “People enter our stores happy, and we can make them leave happier” says retail director Aylang. Their employees are there to give you a memorable experience, and, from visiting only once, I can say that they truly do.

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