Women in Business: Marsha Holfeltz | Madison McCord Interiors

At Madison McCord, a contemporary interior design store in Millcreek, customers notice that two things change all the time.

For one, the selection of furniture, accent pieces, and even throw pillows changes all the time. Owner Marsha Holfeltz prides herself on her store’s ability to sell products directly off the showroom floor.

“People don’t have to wait for goods, they can just come in and find something they love, and it’s delivered the next day,” Holfeltz says, adding that the massive 22,000-square-foot showroom will probably look different and have something new every time a customer comes in.

The hot item right now in the ‘Pillow Talk’ section of the store—which has a wide selection of accent pillows—are Picasso pillows imported from the iconic artist’s museum in Spain. Holfeltz expects these collector pieces to fly off the shelves.

“Surround yourself with a trusted and loyal team and vendor base. It will make all the difference to your customers with their shopping experience. They’ll come back again and again!”

—Marsha Holfeltz

But impressionist pillows are not the only things that come and go at Madison McCord. Customers are frequently welcomed by a rotating cast of foster dogs, brought in by Holfeltz. Her love for canines, particularly dogs who have been abused or are severely disabled or deformed, has found its way into her work.

And customers adore it.

“They always come in and want to meet whoever the new dogs are,” Holfeltz says of her returning clientele. “They say ‘Who do we have here?’ ‘What’s going on with them? Can I give them some love?’”

But while the furniture and the furry friends may change from time to time at Madison McCord, many things do not, such as the way Holfeltz conducts her business. She prides herself on her consistency, knowledge, and connections in the upholstery industry. Customers, many of whom order custom pieces for their homes, know they’re getting exactly what they want and in a very fast 3-week production time turnaround, thanks to the store’s owner.

“If you don’t see it on the floor, I’ll find it for you,” says Holfeltz.

Of course, they’ll also always find a dog in need, eager for some love and attention.

3960 S. Highland Dr., Salt Lake City

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