By the numbers: Tour of Utah

In the Tour de world, Le Tour de France gets all the buzz, but it’s the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah that gets the most respect from professional cyclists. The invitation-only cycling event, known as “America’s Toughest Stage Race,” is the ultimate challenge for the top professional men’s cycling teams in the world. It’s a fan favorite, with more than 400,000 spectators turning out to see the action every August. The tour started on Aug. 6 with a grueling race through the hot red rock country around St. George. It will work its way north, arriving in Salt Lake City on Aug. 10 with the popular spectator friendly criterion through downtown SLC. Other noteworthy numbers for the Tour of Utah, now in its 14th year:


  • Miles covered in the week-long stage race, which begins in St. George and concludes in Park City (Along the way, they’ll stop in Cedar City, Payson, Layton, Antelope Island and Salt Lake City, among others.)


  • Water bottles used by the riders during the weeklong race.


  • Total number of riders who will race, representing 16 teams and 20 countries.


  • Calories required to fuel one rider in one stage of the race, according to Alina Jameson, RD, Sports Dietitian at University of Utah Health. (For reference, that’s 31 Subway six-inch turkey and cheese subs or 51 large bananas, just for one rider.)

23 Million

  • Annual economic impact in the State of Utah.


  • Feet of elevation gain covered by the route–the equivalent of riding a bike up Little Cottonwood Canyon 10 1/2 times.

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Susan Lacke
Susan Lacke
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