Maven Strong Offers a Shining New Year Challenge

2021 is just days away and after an exhausting year, we’re all thinking about how we’d like to better our minds and bodies for the New Year. And no, I am not talking about the gimmicky “carb-free” diets and weight loss programs. That trashy and corrupt diet culture dialogue is canceled.

Food and exercise deserve to be celebrated. We all need to reclaim power from the toxic guilt diet culture has engrained on us. Our self-worth is not tied to our appearance. With that said, it was a breath of fresh air to hear about Maven Strong‘s Find Your Strong Challenge that focuses on uplifting your mindset and forming healthy rituals of self love by moving our bodies.

Find Your Strong Challenge is an 8-week movement and mindset challenge, starting January 4th and running through February 28th. This challenge will help create an intentional and mindful routine worthy of 2021. Maven Strong coaches will help align you with a customized soul and sweat formula created just for your body (because, every body is different) as well as weekly group check-ins to fuel your mind and connect with others. 

We could all use something new and inspiring this New Year. Learn more about Maven Strong’s Find Your Strong Challenge here.

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Kaitlyn Christy
Kaitlyn Christy
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