Your May Gardening Checklist

Calling all Utah gardeners! Get your garden spring-ready with this checklist of tasks for the month of May. Checklist courtesy of the USU Extension. For more tips, visit Utah State University Gardeners’ Almanac Monthly Gardening Checklists.

  • Plant warm-season vegetables and annual flowers once the threat of frost has passed. 
  • Plant tomatoes deep enough that they are able to form more roots along the stem to create a vigorous plant.
  • Thin overcrowded seedlings using scissors. Try to avoid disturbing young roots.
  • Plant summer-blooming bulbs including gladiola, begonia, dahlia and canna.
  • Divide warm-season ornamental grasses when new growth begins to emerge.
  • Allow the foliage of spring blooming bulbs (tulips, daffodils, and crocus) to die down before removing the leaves.
  • Control broadleaf weeds in the lawn when temperatures are between 60-80 F. Follow the label and stop use of broadleaf herbicides once the temperature is above 85°F.
  • Apply a slow-release lawn fertilizer to provide long-lasting results through the summer months.

Featured image courtesy of Vitolda Klein via Unsplash.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Executive Editor of Utah Style & Design magazine and a contributor to Salt Lake magazine.

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