Influential Women In Business: McKenzie Rockwood

Working as a Registered Dietitian at Logan Regional Hospital, McKenzie Rockwood always wondered if the patients she advised were able to adjust to life with dietary changes or restrictions. “I would try to teach them how to go home and follow this new diet, but then I would just send them on their way. This was my idea to try and bridge the gap between hospital and home,” says Rockwood, owner of Citrus Pear. “I developed this idea for customers to attend a class and make healthy freezer meals in bulk. All the meals can then be cooked in a pressure cooker or Crock Pot, which takes the stress out of healthy eating!,” she adds.

Rockwood’s idea is especially helpful for busy families who still want to promote healthy habits and eating. “In less than two hours, you will prepare 10, 20 or 40 meals to take home. My team of dietitians and I develop all the recipes, which use healthy, fresh ingredients. We can even accommodate allergies and special dietary needs, like gluten-free meals or specialized cardiac diets,” says Rockwood. Her business is growing rapidly with 14 locations from Rexburg, ID to St. George. “We have over 20 dietitians on staff, and each city has at least one dedicated dietitian, if not more,” she says.

Her dedication to healthy, easy eating resonates well with mothers, like herself. “I’ve definitely created a brand for women in my stage of life—moms who are tired and busy, but they still want to do what’s best for their families.” And now, Citrus Pear is opening two more locations in the near future in Pleasant Grove and Spanish Fork.


Q. Why is it important in the Salt Lake/Park City communities?

“These communities make health and healthy eating a priority, but they’re busy. Trying to meal prep on top of everything else can be difficult. This will help them find the time to do it all.”

Q. How did you get it started?

“We started with the best tools we could afford and a lot of hard work. I grocery shopped every day of the week and spent nine hours trimming, weighing, and portioning meat for each class. I relied heavily on my husband, mom and friends to help prepare for and teach all the classes.”

Q. Dream Goal?

“Every dietitian’s dream is to give their patients healthy food that they enjoy. As long as we continue on this path, that’s all I can ask for!

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