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Comic book scribe Marv Wolfman has created more superheroes and supporting characters that have gone from comic books to films, TV shows and animated features than just about any other comic book writer, aside from Stan Lee.

Wolfman’s DC Comics hero Cyborg, whom he created with artist George Pérez, is slated to join Batman and Superman’s team in the Justice League film this year and star in his own future feature film. Earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct a film about the character Nightwing, who went by Robin before Wolfman and Pérez gave the character a more badass identity in 1984.

But unlike Marvel Comics icon Lee, whose $100 autographs are now sold out, Wolfman will sign your first autograph and chat about your favorite superhero for free at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX on March 17 and 18.

Wolfman says meeting fans is his favorite part of comic cons. “There’s really little reason for me to go on a business term,” he says. “I go there to meet the fans.”

Of course, he’ll still sell you his work while you’re there. Wolfman plans to bring samples of his comic book scripts, so budding writers can see how pros do it, along with posters, novels and, pretty likely, comic books.

Wolfman’s other creations with artists include fan favorites Deathstroke, a DC villain featured in the TV show Arrow, and Blade, whose film adaption helped kickstart the comic book-movie craze. While Wolfman usually puts a lot of time and effort into creating his characters, he says those two just popped in his head one day. “That was Blade and Deathstroke, both of them came to me instantly,” he says.

Comic book fans also know Wolfman for writing Crisis on Infinite Earths, which helped reshape the DC Comics universe in the 1980s, as well as superhero series The New Teen Titans and horror series Tomb of Dracula. His latest comic book works include the mini-series Raven, about a magical teen hero who is the daughter of a demon, and a story in the first issue of Bullseye, following a villain who can turn any handheld object into a deadly projectile (he co-created both of those characters, too).

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But what does he think about his characters appearing on film? “They’ve been pretty much all well done in one way or another,” Wolfman says, “so I’ve been very lucky.”

FanX will mark Wolfman’s first trip to Salt Lake City, so make him feel welcome. And be sure to congratulate him on his upcoming anniversary: This December marks his 50th year in the comic business.

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written by: Jaime Winston

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