Microblading: Get Brow ‘WOW’

Face it: Your DNA may be keep- ing up with current beauty trends and those hairy lines above your eyes are no exception. Thick, bold and perfectly kept brows are hotter than ever—traditional cosmetic products such as brow pencils, gels and powders can help achieve that look temporarily. Eyebrow microblading, added to the beauty scene few years back, is a longer- lasting solution.

Don’t fret—let’s answer some questions and make it easy for you.

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that creates or enhances eyebrows. It is great for someone looking to add symmetry to

their face, minimize the time they spend doing their makeup and give the illusion of full, even, healthy eyebrows. Lasting between six months to one year depending, hair-like strokes are made up of pigment matched to your natural hair color and administered into the first layers of skin with a handheld tool.

Before and after

We consulted a local expert, MaKaibree Jones, owner, and master microblader at The Beautiful Brows & Beyond in SLC. Microblading is her specialty. MaKaibree says, “Just like men who bald in their midsection, women, as they age, lose the fullness of their brows starting from the inner one-third.” Other causes of thinning could be medically related, as after chemotherapy or from alopecia. Microblading sessions generally last two hours. Most of the time is spent mapping or creating the outline for your brows and numbing the area—the actual procedure takes about 20 minutes. Unlike many esthetician studios, Beautiful Brows has a certified medical assistant on staff that can administer a medical-grade topical numbing cream. Trust us. The procedure is painful, so you’ll want this.

Aftercare is simple. Keep the brows completely dry for seven days, avoiding sun or sweat. You’ll need a second application appointment for a darker look and any touch-ups. Schedule your work to be done two months before a special event, like a wedding or a vacation to the beach, to allow for complete healing, and you will need at least two weeks between sessions.

MaKaibree Jones
363 S. 500 East Suite 112, SLC 435-669-9778 thebeautifulbrows.com
IG: @thebeautifulbrows

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