Top Ice Attraction Opens This Month

The Midway Ice Castle returns this year on Dec. 26, a top attraction for kid-plagued families desperate to fill the empty hours between Christmas and New Year’s.

That’s probably why Midway’s ice display, one of only five ice castles in the U.S., brings in tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Construction has already begun on the icy edifice and artists will  spend more than 4,000 hours dripping and shaping ice embedded with colorful LED lights.


The Ice Castle sits on a snow-covered acre. Visitors walk through the castle walls into ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides, frozen thrones and tall towers. The castle will even have an Ice Princess (relax, bro, it’s not your ex).


Unfortunately, glögg, (aka: Swedish anti-freeze) is not offered on site. Hot chocolate is. Although nasty, Glögg, is one of the top 10 remedies for frozen toes, ranking after Sorels and just before amputation.

For more information on ticket prices and hours, click here.

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