Milk and Cookies Right Your Front Door

photos by: Adam Finkle

Sometimes, you can get what you want.

Chip Cookies, the brainchild of Stephen and Sarah Wirthlin (“and family,” adds Sarah), is a breathtakingly simple idea: four chocolate chip cookies, delivered warm to your door until 2 a.m. With milk, if you want it. The couple dreamed up chip cookies when they were living in Los Angeles, and, with the help of family, founded the business long-distance. “We wanted a college town, and Provo has a reputation as a good incubator,” says Sarah.

“Our business is shaped by our customers,” says Sarah. “They let us know they preferred milk chocolate chips (semi-sweet coming soon) and two percent milk.”

Started in a kitchen rented by the hour, the Wirthlins expanded their delivery service to Salt Lake City and are opening a brick-and-mortar store near 9th and 9th. Soon they had 60 employees, including a squadron of drivers. Now they have a cookie app that recognizes the caller’s location and a loyalty program for regular cookie monsters. And they’re a vendor at Lavell Edwards Stadium—use the app to have cookies delivered to your seat.

Imagine. You’re in your jammies on a cold night. You’e just finished catching up with Game of Thrones for the week when it hits. The Munchies. A late-night craving that will not be denied. But who wants to get dressed and go to the store? Who wants to go into the kitchen and cook? What to do? Call chip, that’s what to do. Your munchies are this Utah company’s business. Name a time and four huge chocolate chip cookies—and milk, if you want it—will be delivered to your door within 45 minutes. Still warm. Boom. Check it out at (and that’s not a typo-no “m”).  SLC 801-889-2412, Provo 385-225-9888.

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