Beware Belgians Bearing Mitraillette Sandwiches

The sandwich as lethal weapon

mitraillette sandwich

Actually, just the thought of a mitraillette sandwich is intimidating. Never mind that its name means “machine gun.” Thick links of spicy merguez sausage (a traditional Moroccan sausage made in this case by local meat maven Frody Volgger) are topped with a pile of perfectly twice-fried Belgian frites on a baguette. (If you’re a Pittsburgher, this may remind you of Primati’s famous sandwich.) The Belgian Andalouse sauce, which you can think of as Belgian fry sauce with some zip to it, ties it all together like the Dude’s rug. In Belgium, a craving for a mitraillette sandwich is typical after a night of drinking. Sort of like hitting the Village Inn or Taco Bell in Salt Lake terms. Here it’s served at Bruges, the Belgian waffles and frites shops, a business that native Belgian Pierre Van Damme started from a food stand at the Downtown Farmers Market. Now you can own your arsenal. I mean franchise.

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