Mother's Day Gifts that Aren't Just Chocolate

Have you frantically started googling “mothers day presents” yet? (Be honest, is that why you’re here? We’re honored.) I think we can all agree that your mom deserves more than generic roses or a Hail-Mary style Hallmark card. So here’s a diverse cast of mother’s day gifts that aren’t just chocolate or roses. We’ve got you covered.

  • For the mom who loves outdoor sports:
    • Get her a Momentum Gift Card. Fun fact: Many women are naturally skilled at climbing due to all that natural lower body strength that helps them give birth.
    • This is also the perfect gift for any hardcore fan of “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music. (We know you’re out there somewhere.)
  • For the mom who want to re-enact the opening to Breakfast at Tiffany’s:
    • A necklace from Katie Waltman Boutique
    • Brunch at one of these local restaurants having Mother’s Day specials (we’ve also included a few fun non-brunch events if you want to lean into the movie montage effect)
  • For the mom with elegance to rival Amal Clooney:
  • For a mom with allergies:
    • Buy a Zest Kitchen Gift CardTheir menu is entirely gluten free, almost 100% vegan, and the kitchen is very accommodating with other allergies (like soy) if you ask a server.
  • If you can’t get flowers out of your head:


–Amy Whiting

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