Acoustic Music Returns to Feldman’s Deli After 2-Year Hiatus

Mike Feldman knows half the town thanks to his ownership of the New York-style Feldman’s Deli while the other half know him through his acoustic duo, Two Old Guys, an act committed to “blue, ballads, bawdy, country & drinking songs.” 

The deli’s namesake is bringing his two passions together under one roof on Friday, May 13, as music returns to Feldman’s in the form of the duo The Deaf and The Musician. That pair will peform (on guitar, vocals, loops and ASL) from 6-7:30 p.m., the same time that music will be featured every Friday evening going forward.

Feldman says he’s got a couple months of performances already lined up, typically going with solo acts, duos and the occasional trio. All will be acoustic, allowing for a softer edge. Or as Feldman says, “it’s not designed to be loud. It’s designed to be sweet-sounding.” 

Prior to the pandemic, music was a regular feature at Feldman’s and it went away for all the obvious reasons. It’s also returning for reasons that Feldman feels are obvious. For starters, he says that room caters to an audience that’s all-ages and family-friendly, “one of the few family-oriented venues to do music.”

And there’s his connections around town from Two Old Guys playing in every corner of the region.

“Obviously, I’m a friend of lots of musicians,” he says. “I have a large community of friends who play and we all know and support one another. It’s a room where you see a lot of other musicians supporting those playing. People who come here, even if socializing at tables, are appreciative of the music and show that appreciation. Most of the bands who’ve played here have felt that.”

Potentially, some additional dates may get added to the calendar, but there’s still some COVID-era self-restrictions on that. 

“We’re doing Fridays for now,” Feldman says. “I’ve got to make sure that we don’t overwhelm the kitchen; I can’t afford to have cooks stress out and quit. So we’ll try Fridays for now. I’ve got a lineup that’s booked all the way through the end of August. And I plan to book after that, as well.” 

Feldman’s will be posting up weekly musical acts on its Facebook page.

If You Go:

Feldman’s Deli
2005 E. 2700 South

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Thomas Crone
Thomas Crone
A freshly-minted transplant to Salt Lake City, arriving here in January of 2022, Thomas Crone serves as the Music Editor of City Weekly, while also contributing online coverage of the local music, arts and food/beverage communities to Salt Lake magazine. Unlike many of his new kinfolk, he prefers the indoors.

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