Exploring the Natal Charts of Utah Celebrities

You’ve seen the memes. Leos will sulk if they’re not the center of attention. Your Taurus friend is your prettiest friend. And if everything is going to hell, Mercury must be in Gatorade, right? Astrology was already seeing a resurgence, with popular astrology apps making it a billion-dollar industry. Then, we entered the Age of Great Uncertainty and collectively began scrambling for answers and meaning.

Skye Payne, an astrologer based in Utah and owner of Astro Mixtapes, has been immersed in the world of astrology since she was a kid. But in 2020, she had an influx of friends and clients coming to her for readings who had never shown an interest in astrology before. To her, it makes sense. “We had to stop doing anything else and had to focus on ourselves. And our knowledge of ourselves was all we had to cling to. It’s an introspective time.”

So, what can the stars tell you about you? To demonstrate what people hope to learn, we asked astrologer Payne to examine the natal charts of a few Utah celebrities. 

Jen Shah

Jen Shah, one of the Utah celebrities on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
Jen Shah (Photo by: Chad Kirkland/Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member was arrested on federal fraud charges this past spring, and has a very interesting chart. She has a natal Mars retrograde, which basically means that, your whole life, you’re fighting uphill. Even when you’re successful, there’s something nagging at you or hindering you. Her Mars is in Taurus, a fixed Earth sign who’s stubborn and always has a goal. She’ll stop at nothing for her success. A moon in Capricorn means you feel you don’t have enough resources to support yourself emotionally, and you’re more likely to sacrifice your values to succeed. 

Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell
Ty Burrell; Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The actor, who is part owner of Beer Bar, Bar X and, recently, The Cotton Bottom Inn (and played the hapless dad on Modern Family, Phil Dunphy), has a natal aspect of Mars square Jupiter, which is full of high energy and enthusiasm. Many people with this aspect become performers to take risks and channel that energy creatively. His Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo transit means new ventures are usually successful. It’s also about giving back to the community, like when he started that virtual tip jar for his staff during the pandemic. 

Post Malone

Post Malone, one of the Utah celebrities analyzed by astrologer Skye Payne
Post Malone; Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The sometimes-Utah resident’s album Hollywood’s Bleeding showcases the emotionality of his Cancer Sun and his ability to be open about his feelings. His Mercury is square Mars, both in mutable signs. Mutable signs are adaptable but also a little hard to pin down. It’s like your brain moves a million miles a minute. You’ll make rash decisions that you might regret later. There’s a thinly veiled cynicism as well, which shows in his music. When you have a difficult aspect like this, consider taking  a step back and slow down. 

Astro Mixtapes

Astrologer Skye Payne

Skye Payne is an astrologer based in Utah and owner of Astro Mixtapes. In 2020, she saw an influx of first-time clients. “We had to stop doing anything but focus on ourselves. It’s an introspective time,” she says. She offers readings and curated astrology-based playlists at skyepayne.com. She’s also on Instagram @astromixtapes.

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