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National Puppy Day: Meet Salt Lake magazine's Puppies

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

– Charles M. Schultz –

Name: Finn Breed: Australian Shepard / Golden Retriever Mix

“He hates coffee, but loves beer and cocktails.” – Andrea Peterson, Digital Media Manager

Name: Riley Breed: Chihuahua/meerkat mix

“Eight years ago my daughter found a puppy hiding under a car at a park near our house. After asking around, we learned that someone had dropped off his entire litter and he was the only one left. I brought him home, thinking I’d find him a home, but within a day I knew that he was meant to be part of our family. We named him Riley, but more often he’s just “Tiny Dog”—he’s little on stature, big on personality and I will neither confirm nor deny that he has an extensive wardrobe, purchased almost exclusively at Build-a-Bear Workshop. He’s five pounds of forever puppy and my spirit animal.” – Christie Marcy, Associate Editor

Name: Fox Breed: Pomchi

“He loves to chase cats and his bark is bigger than his bite.” – Jessica Ohlen, Marketing Director

Name: Meet Monreaux, aka “Reaux Reaux” or “Reaux-y”! Breed: Sharpei

“This Sharpei-Lab pup is both sweet and cuddly, and rowdy spunky!  Her wrinkles make her irresistible!” – Danielle Holmes, Director of Advertising

Name: Roxy Breed: Golden Retriever

“He will do anything for cheese or popcorn.” – Emily Lopez, Sales Associate

Name: Luna Breed: Australian Sheppard
Name: Hashbrown Breed: Healer mix

“Got them from Rescue Rovers. They are squirrel chasing, cat tormenting, and yard digging little muppets. Good thing they are cute and cuddly little puppies!
They are siblings who rough house together and then snuggle up at night.” – Damon Shorter, Director of Operations

Name: Elle Breed: Chihuahua

Name: Jessie Breed: Lab/Husky Mix

“Jesse is a rescue dog. She is 5 years old and a very loving dog. She loves to give kisses, walks and loves her people with all her soul especially my son who rescued her. Elle has been blind for almost 5 years now, but does really well and is the protector of the which ever property she is at. She has taken on the role of guardian of the new baby at her house and takes it very seriously.” – Melody Kester, Office Manager

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